Every year at Blissfully, we do a deep dive into SaaS spend and adoption trends. We analyzed 10 years of data from over 1,000 companies.

This year’s report has some interesting and unique observations:

  • SaaS app usage across all companies is up 30%, and spend is up 50%
  • ~80% of the top 100 SaaS apps are HQ’d in US, more heavily-concentrated than broader tech
  • About half of the top 100 SaaS apps are still private, with an average backing of more than $100M
  • The typical mid-market company uses 185 different apps

With a ton of data and key insights for SaaS builders, consumers, and investors, our report is the deepest data dive in SaaS this year. Click the image below to see the whole report.

2020 SAAS trends

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