Vendr acquired Blissfully in February 2022.

The Blissfully team wishes you all well as we adjust to the new normal and remote working environment. We’ve been hard at work building out new features to help your SaaS management and business this spring.

📏 Transaction Matching Rules

You can connect different accounting and financial data sources to Blissfully build a complete picture of SaaS spend across your organization. With Blissfully’s Reconciliation View, you can now create user-defined rules to improve on Blissfully’s automatic transaction matching and ensure that all of your SaaS spend is detected. In the Reconciliation View, you can now create rules to automatically match or ignore transactions that “Includes”, “Starts with” or “Exactly matches” specific text.

reconciliation rules screenshot

You can also filter on matched or unmatched transactions on the Accounting Events tab and create rules based on search terms.

Reach out to our Customer Success team if you’re interested in enabling the Reconciliation View for your account!

👨‍👧‍👦 Hierarchical Team Onboarding

Last month, Blissfully rolled team hierarchy for users to better model and manage the teams across their organization. We’ve now implemented the team hierarchy support into our employee onboarding workflows! If you’ve setup a team hierarchy in Blissfully, you can now select the most specific team(s) that the new employee will be joining in the onboarding workflow configuration screen. Blissfully will then automatically include all parent teams for the selected teams in the onboarding workflow.

🔄 Okta Task Completion

Are you using Okta alongside Blissfully for your employee onboarding process? Now you set Okta as the task owner for specific provisioning tasks and Blissfully will automatically mark those tasks as completed once those apps are provisioned by Okta. Keep your onboarding tasks and Blissfully, as your system of record, up to date and reduce the manual confirmations needed!

okta task completion

🎛️ Offboarding Configuration Options

Blissfully includes different types of automatically generated tasks in employee’s offboarding workflows. Now you can choose to select and include to exclude two different types of offboarding tasks in the Offboarding configuration wizard.

– Deprovision Optional apps – Selecting this option will include deprovisioning tasks for apps that are marked as “Optional” for the teams that the offboardee is a member of
– Deprovision Unintended apps – Selecting this option will include deprovisioning tasks for apps that the offboardee has accessed, but are not assigned to his/her teams (“Unintended” apps)

offboarding configuration options screenshot

Create more actionable and relevant offboarding workflows using these options!

👥 People Page Filters

Blissfully’s People records includes all people that historically and currently have access to your application environment from different data sources across your organization. Now you can filter on that list of people on the People page to view specific subsets of people including:

– Active or inactive
– Employee, contractor, or service account
– Data source (G Suite, SSO, HRIS)

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