Let’s get your questions answered

Let’s get your questions answered

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  • What's the guaranteed savings SLA? (I.e., what's your money back guarantee?)

    We guarantee we'll save you more than we cost in the first year of our engagement. If we don't save you money, we'll cut you a check for the difference.

  • Is it too early to work with Vendr if we don’t have our SaaS stack completely organized?

    It's not too early: we organize your SaaS stack for you!

    That means we'll track down whatever contracts, emails, renewal dates, etc., you have and add the missing data to your system. We want to get things in place so you never have to scramble for a last-minute renewal — and lose leverage.

    That means we start talking with SaaS vendors as early as 120 days before your deadlines. Which means you have maximum time to make an informed buying decision.

  • Do you charge a percentage of savings?

    No. We charge a simple, flat retainer based on % of spend — that you only pay if we save you money. Which means you keep more of your savings.

  • Do you handle legal redlines or security reviews?

    Your Vendr buyer acts as a central point of contact to facilitate legal/security documentation (e.g., MSAs, DPAs, OFs, etc.). But we don't provide legal counsel, redlines, or a security review of vendors.

  • Who is our point of contact once we sign up?

    You'll be assigned two people:

    1. A customer success manager for daily communication and strategy meetings.
    2. A dedicated buyer to manage SaaS vendor relationships and purchases.

    All of our buyers have been top-performing SaaS sales professionals with experience at the other end of the negotiating table — so we know exactly which levers to pull to get you a better contract.

  • What do we need to provide to get started?

    We’ll need your SaaS stack (in a spreadsheet, tool, etc.), your SaaS purchasing and renewal requirements (ie finance, legal, security), and a list of any time sensitive purchases/renewals.

  • What's the time commitment on our end?

    Onboarding: a 60-minute kickoff call where we learn all of your requirements from a finance, legal, and security standpoint.

    First 6 weeks: a weekly 30 minute sync with your central point of contact.

    After 6 weeks: a biweekly 30 minute sync with your central point of contact. (We should be fully up to speed at that point.)

  • How are savings calculated?

    We calculate savings in three ways, depending on your specific situation:

    1. The total contract value before and after Vendr becomes involved.
    2. The improvement in rate before and after Vendr becomes involved.
    3. Identifying duplicated software that you can sunset.