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One intuitive experience for all purchase requests.

Draw internal stakeholders to you, with a simplified and delightful approach.

Screenshot of Vendr's Purchase Request tool

Automatic engagement of relevant stakeholders.

Dedicated portal for employee procurement intake.

Customize your intake form to match your company's requirements.

Real-time updates and visibility into the entire lifecycle of each request.

Procure faster for your company, with full compliance.

Enable lightning-fast approvals.

Diagram showing Vendr's SaaS aapproval process

One automated procurement process from purchase request to final approval.

Company-wide compliance enforcement to regulatory and industry-specific standards.

Process logic and flow with customizable criteria and branching.

Parallel approval chains to enable simultaneous review.

Automatically generated contracts at the end of every purchase.

“Workflows keeps deals moving from intake form to final contract and allows me to keep track of the statuses depending on type.”
Yurii Panasenko
Yurii Panasenko
Procurement Manager

Smooth process for all procurement stakeholders.

Empower stakeholders to make confident decisions.

Screenshot of open tasks from Vendr's procurement dashboard

One inbox for all stakeholder reviews.

Executive-level dashboard of all purchases and renewals.

Slack approvals and reminders.

“Out of the gate, there is a clearer understanding of which tasks are assigned to whom and what the software requirements are. There are fewer surprises for any team.”
Seth Steward photo
Seth Steward
Sr Director IT

An organized approach to SaaS renewals, streamlined to save.

Use workflows to track upcoming renewals and ensure you meet every deadline.

Screenshot showing an example of upcoming SaaS renewals

Utilize a dynamic renewal calendar to view renewal dates and timelines.

Receive automated reminders for upcoming contracts.

Get real-time updates on potential cost-saving opportunities.