October | SaaS Buying Insights Report

October’s roundup is out with qualitative and quantitative industry trends based on our work managing the SaaS stacks of some of the world’s fastest growing companies. Get the top insights our Executive Buyers and Procurement Specialists have observed over the course of October’s SaaS buying activity, along with data-backed trends like top products for net new purchases and renewals.

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Inflation, uplifts, incentives, oh my!

The heat is turning up for stakeholders

With Finance less likely to entertain purchase requests as quickly, stakeholders are expected to prepare firmer business cases given overall increased SaaS costs.

Software negotiations need to be strategic

With talks of a looming recession, buyers and sellers have differing priorities. The question is: do you save on risk in the short-term or save money in the long-term?

Wallets are still open for great SaaS products

Budget freezes, stack consolidation, and longer sales cycles may be real, but that’s not stopping companies from investing in the top products purchased and renewed in October.

The world’s fastest growing companies trust us with their stack

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