Your SaaS stack template

Finally, a way to organize all of the software across your company. Use this template as a starting point to better, cleaner SaaS organization.

Software SaaS Stack Template Vendr

What you get

organize and track your software stack

Central tracking for all of your SaaS

Between upcoming auto-renewals and unused software licenses, SaaS dollars add up quickly. Organize your stack in a clean, informative way and get leverage in every purchase.

saas stack template software spend

Better visibility into software spend

Visibility is a powerful tool for managing spend. By documenting spend and department leads all in one place, you'll know exactly who to go to for what.

duplicative software

Exposure to duplicative SaaS and dark spend

By surveying teams and gathering the software they use, you might be surprised by the overlap. Figure out where you're paying double, or even triple, and start saving.

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cleaner SaaS stack.

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