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Segment Pricing

Segment, a widely used customer data platform (CDP), adopts a tiered pricing structure that changes according to your business's headcount. The pricing is based on Monthly Tracked Users (MTUs), with varying price ranges and conditions.

When subscribing to Segment, it's crucial to pay attention to your MTU count to prevent unforeseen overage charges. Businesses that wish to access additional unique features, such as data governance and Single Sign-On (SSO), can opt for the Business plan.

During renewal negotiations, pricing expectations can be discussed and adjusted based on your business growth. Segment also allows their customers to optimize usage, seek competitive bids, and negotiate overages during early renewal discussions.

Free Trial Availability

Segment is keen on customer satisfaction prior to commitment and offers a 14-day free trial. This free trial allows new users to explore Segment's capabilities, ensuring it fits their business needs before making a purchasing decision.

Obtaining Discounts

Discounts are an integral part of Segment's pricing plan. Customers are permitted to negotiate discounts and other commercial items. The company considers several factors when providing discounts, including volume and usage. On average, the expected discount figure varies but can go up to 20-30% based on business size and commitment level.

Compliance and Security

In terms of compliance and security, Segment adheres strictly to GDPR, SSO, SOC2, MFA, PII, DPA and ISO27001 standards. They aim to assure customers of their strong commitment to protecting user data and maintaining high security levels at all times.

About Segment

Segment is a reputable Customer Data Platform that assists businesses by collecting, organizing, analyzing, and routing customer data. Acquired by Twilio for a staggering $3.2B, Segment now boasts over 25,000 customers. Segment has a high retention rate and offers strong user documentation to support their services. Their high-quality services, proven by their extensive customer base and impressive acquisition, make them a significant leader in the data platform industry.

About Twilio

Twilio, the parent company of Segment, is renowned for its powerful cloud communication services that allow businesses to engage majestically with their customers. Twilio's strategic acquisition of Segment further empowered them to provide businesses with an extensive collection of data analytics and routing resources. This positions them as a strong player in the market, with the ability to serve a broader range of customers' needs ranging from communication to data management services.

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