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Vendr’s SaaS buying platform helps you manage, negotiate, purchase, and renew software, while freeing your team of having to spend hours on the phone, in chats, or back and forth in email threads.

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Why Vendr

Pricing that pays for itself

Pay a flat annual subscription based on your annual SaaS spend, guaranteed to save you more than we cost.

Data from 2,600+ suppliers

With the largest range of relationships, you can trust Vendr to close deals fast with the best data benchmarks.

$350m+ in SaaS savings

With over $350m in savings, we have the experience and track record to get you the best pricing and contract terms

Get a bird’s eye view of your stack

Get a bird’s eye view of your stack

Rely on one centralized platform that houses all of your SaaS purchases and renewals  — even the shadow spend. Take advantage of immediate access to view the entire company tech stack at any given time.

Start your search in the largest SaaS marketplace.

Explore more than 20,000 solutions to find the perfect software for your use case. Estimate prices, with predictive pricing based on proprietary data and trends. Filter products by budget and conduct competitive research. Then, kick off your purchase with a single click.

Reduce the chaos

Know exactly where every deal stands

Let us handle the entire SaaS buying process while also getting updates every step of the way. Never feel out of the loop – always know where a new purchase or renewal stands.