You got introduced to us over email. What’s next?

Our Buyers help purchase SaaS for our customers, navigating the sales cycle quickly and efficiently.

  • Work with former sales pros who want to close the deal

  • Eliminate radio silence and get status updates on approvals

  • Take your sales cycle from 90 to 30 days


Here’s how it works


Our customers share their stacks and preferences

We understand that our customers don’t want to spend time buying SaaS. They share their list of suppliers, buying process, and preferences with us. We act as an extension of their team to purchase the tools they need quickly.


Decision-makers hand off their purchases to us

We receive an intake form from our customers when they want us to kick off a purchase or renewal. With their desired scope and outcome in hand, they'll connect us to you. We try to align both your preferences to get the deal done quickly.


Our Buyers expedite the approval process

We learn upfront how our customers like to buy and who to go to for approvals. When it comes time for the final signoffs, we facilitate our customers' approval process and provide status updates to you.

Here’s how we help


Create a more predictable and transparent pipeline

You never know what you're going to get with a new stakeholder at a company. We make that process consistent and clear so you know where the deal stands and when it's going to close - every time.


Avoid bottlenecks and close the deal fast

We work with our customers to determine approvals and budget in advance. We’ll keep the deal moving and usher everyone to sign off on commercial terms as quickly as possible.


Work with salespeople that speak the same language

Our buyers understand where you're coming from in navigating a new deal, as former SaaS sales pros themselves. We'll move the deal through the sales cycle efficiently to achieve an ideal outcome.


complete SaaS deals



30 days

to complete a deal

What salespeople say

“Paige was a pleasure to work with and understood the importance of collaborating and partnering during the sales cycle and meeting deadlines.”

“The quality of interaction was excellent - professional & transparent, yet to-the-point.”

“My experience with Vendr was definitely a positive one. Once involved, the process moved quickly toward a signed contract.”

“Vendr was great to work with. Access to the decision maker through Vendr really expedited the process.”

“Vendr was super helpful in aligning on timeline and any validations steps that needed to be completed. The communication between them and the EB/Signer was very responsive.”

“I like that you manage legal, security, approval, and signature processes for the customer because customers don't always prioritize that themselves.”

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