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What is Vendr? How does this work?

Vendr is a software purchasing team that facilitates SaaS purchases on behalf of the world's fastest growing companies. Our goal is to get things done as efficiently as possible.

If you're reading this, you've likely just been introduced to a Vendr Buyer by your Customer (or Prospect) Champion. 


What happens now?

1. Our Buyer Team will sync up with you to connect and get context directly

2. We'll start navigating outstanding internal approvals (Legal, Finance, etc.)

3. You'll get access to real-time status updates of your deals in your Vendr portal

The Bottom Line: 

If there are approvals that need to be taken care of, we make sure it's not a surprise at the 11th hour on the last day of the quarter. If you need an update on where things stand, you can access one on-demand.


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Eliminate radio silence and approval bottlenecks.

Sales is challenging enough without navigating an unknown landscape of Legal, Security, and Financial requirements to get a deal inked. Because we're embedded in our client's internal processes, you'll always have clear communication and confidence on the most current status.

You have a lot of priorities to manage, and accurate forecasting and prioritization is critical. When you work a deal with Vendr, you'll always know where things stand. 

Frequently Asked Questions:


My contact said they were the decision maker - why are we talking? 

They are. They're the primary stakeholder, and they gave us the green light to talk commercials and start facilitating the necessary internal reviews. There are 4 "Yes's" that need to take place to get a deal done: Stakeholder, Legal, Security, and Finance. We're here to help that happen as quickly as possible. 


How can I most effectively work with your team?

Thank you for asking! We want to figure out a path forward as quickly as possible. Let us know what you need & we'll do the same. 

What should I prepare for my first conversation with your Buyer?

Please be prepared to discuss an overview of where things stand with this opportunity and what you're recommending as a next-step. We'll let you know if any specific documents or reports (i.e. prior contracts, usage reports, etc.) would be helpful ahead of time. 

Oh, so you're here to bully me on price?

Nope. We don't set budget and we don't control financial approval. Think of us as an effective messenger with the goal of reaching an approved, mutually-beneficial agreement as soon as possible.  

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