software renewal management

Our expert buyers manage your renewals.

Your company uses 50+ SaaS products and there aren't enough hours in the day to manage all of the vendor renewals. So, you likely spend your time with the most critical vendors. Vendr was built to help with the rest of your stack.


How it works:

  • Step 1: We organize your SaaS stack, by renewal date
  • Step 2: We aggregate your contracts, from your vendors
  • Step 3: We manage your purchases and renewals, directly with your vendors
  • Result: Guaranteed time and cost savings. And, one less SaaS headache.


data driven procurement

How do you know if you are paying the right price for enterprise software?

You're a great negotiator, but it's not an effective use of your time. Enterprise SaaS pricing fluctuates based on the strength of your logo, the timing of your purchase, and the salesperson involved. Determining the correct price requires data in order to make purchasing decisions. 

Our expert buyers facilitate your SaaS purchases and renewals, backed by data. Procure the correct scope, pay the right price, and future-proof the terms--without picking up the phone. Stop guessing and start saving. 

document management

We help your vendors navigate your finance, security, and legal process. 

From DPAs, to MSAs and Security Questionnaires, Vendr plays the quarterback between your employees and your vendors. We facilitate all contract paperwork, with your internal teams, to get your employees the software they need--when they need it. 

Learning how to procure software is not a good use of employee time. Let your employees get the SaaS they need, without wasting critical time. 

Vendr is the perfect complement to spend management

Using a spend management tool to monitor your SaaS? Vendr is the service-layer to drive action with your vendors.


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