Get access to a free trial of Vendr's SaaS buying platform and automatically receive $10,000 in Vendr Cash to use on your next SaaS purchase through Vendr Verified.

Do you plan on making a new software purchase within the next 12 months? We’re gifting Startup Grind Global attendees a free trial and $10k in Vendr Cash to use on your next SaaS purchase through our Vendr Verified program.

Vendr Verified is a premium buying membership that connects trusted buyers and sellers, and provides a more convenient way to purchase software. Save money with fair and transparent pricing every time, guaranteed. Move faster with a streamlined procurement process and security reviews. And avoid risk with an option to cancel anytime and get your money back.


Do I need to be a current customer of Vendr to accept this offer?

No, this offer is for those who are not already a Vendr customer. If you qualify for Vendr Cash, you will be given access to a Vendr account with your Vendr Cash pre-loaded to be able to make your purchase.

Are there any restrictions on redeeming Vendr Cash?

Vendr Cash is only eligible on purchases made with a Vendr Verified seller.

Vendr Cash is only eligible on software SKUs, any service SKUs are excluded.

Vendr Cash redemption is eligible for new purchases only. Renewals and mid-contract upgrades or downgrades are not eligible.

How do I redeem Vendr Cash?

Vendr Cash can be redeemed when purchasing net new SaaS from Vendr Verified sellers. You can use your total balance on one purchase or split it across multiple purchases. Vendr Cash may be redeemed towards qualified spend up to 25% of the annual subscription contract price paid by the Buyer to the Vendr Verified seller.

For example, if you have $10,000 in Vendr Cash and purchased a $10,000 SaaS product from a Vendr Verified seller, you can redeem up to $2,500 of the Vendr Cash (i.e. 25% of the $10,000 annual subscription price). Once used, you will have $7,500 in Vendr Cash remaining.

Please note, each Vendr Verified seller has a maximum redemption rate associated with their products which will impact the amount of Vendr Cash you can redeem on that specific new purchase.

Does Vendr Cash expire?

Vendr Cash expires 12 months after the issue date and will not roll over.

Can Vendr negotiate contracts for me using Vendr Cash?

Yes, if you choose to become a customer, our Vendr SaaS Consultants can negotiate these software contracts for you on your behalf.