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Datadog Pricing

Datadog offers cloud-scale Application Performance Monitoring and Observability services, with pricing that varies based on the number of users. You can expect to pay a price in the range of $25,200 to $597,300, subject to your organization's specific requirements and user count. It's always recommended to contact the Datadog sales team for the most accurate pricing catered to your business needs.

Datadog Negotiation Insights

Datadog is a widely used and recognized tool in the SaaS industry, offering extensive applications for network monitoring and management, making it a crucial asset for businesses seeking in-depth insights into their tech stack performance. Given its market position, negotiating contracts and pricing with Datadog can be significant to budget management.

Discount Lever: Volume Commitment

Agreeing to a volume commitment can lead to substantial discounts with Datadog. This commitment implies a promise to purchase a predetermined quantity of licenses or services upfront, allowing vendors to anticipate revenue and justify the discounts offered.

Commercial Item: Payment Terms

Negotiating payment terms with Datadog can also result in substantial savings. While standard payment terms may require upfront payment, longer or more flexible payment terms can help improve cash flow and reduce immediate budget impact.

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Community Insights for Datadog

Here are some recent insights from the Vendr community on procuring Datadog:

  1. "We have a $1M+ contract with Datadog. They offered 4% for a 2 year and 7% for a 3 year in the form of a one-time promotional discount." - Community Insight was posted 1 month ago.
  2. "Datadog indicated that we should keep at least 1 custom metric in our Order Form to lock in legacy pricing, indicating there may be an increase coming soon." - Community Insight was posted 3 months ago.

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Datadog Competitors

Datadog Overview

Datadog is a comprehensive cloud-based observability tool that delivers visibility across an entire stack. With capabilities of application performance monitoring, infrastructure monitoring, and log management, Datadog provides cutting-edge monitoring solutions for modern organizations.

Used by both small businesses and large enterprises, Datadog supports a diverse range of use cases. For developers, DevOps teams, and IT professionals, Datadog offers insights into application performance and infrastructure health at any scale and in real time, ensuring smooth operation and efficient troubleshooting.

In addition to monitoring functionality, Datadog's Cloud Cost Management tool helps businesses manage and optimize their cloud spending. This feature allows businesses to understand their cloud usage and make necessary adjustments before costs spiral out of control.

The Application Security Monitoring tool ensures that your applications are secure in your ever-growing infrastructure. It automatically identifies security vulnerabilities in your applications and provides actionable solutions to mitigate the risks.

Interested in learning more? See our What Is Datadog? guide for a comprehensive breakdown of this tool, along with expert insights on working with Datadog.

Compliance and Security

In terms of security and compliance, Datadog demonstrates a strong commitment. It provides robust security features including Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities, promoting maximum security and efficient user management.

Furthermore, Datadog adheres to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), demonstrating respect for the data privacy rights of its users. It also complies with the Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 Type II, reflecting best practices in terms of security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy of customer data.

Datadog further underlines its commitment to data safety with its adherence to Personal Identifiable Information (PII) standards and Data Processing Agreement (DPA) regulations, ensuring that the data handled by its platform is strictly protected and processed correctly.

FAQs about Datadog pricing and plans

Is Datadog free?

Datadog offers a free infrastructure monitoring plan with core collection and visualization features. This plan includes 1-day metric retention, out of the box dashboards, enterprise-grade security, and up to 5 hosts. 

Can companies get a discount on Datadog? 

Yes, Vendr has helped companies get a discount on their Datadog contracts with strategies like greater volume commitments and negotiated payment terms to gain greater flexibility.

What is the difference between the Pro and Enterprise plans? 

The Pro and Enterprise plans are both infrastructure monitoring plans offered by Datadog. The Enterprise plan offers a greater number of hosts as well as more advanced functionality like anomaly detection, forecast monitoring, and machine-learning based alerts.

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