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"Vendr has allowed us to have a centralized person or team running procurement for us, without having to make the actual investment in resources"

David Vital

Sr. Director of Finance, Drift

  • Added suppliers with extra cash
  • Cleared dept. workloads
  • Built confidence in pricing

Our customers are some of the most innovative companies in the world



Providing bandwidth so finance leadership can focus on strategic initiatives

"It's very difficult to get to the right choice and the right cost...working with Vendr has provided very significant savings."

Erik Zhou

CAO, Brex

  • Wrangled 200+ suppliers
  • Freed time for more strategy
  • Reworked top deals in 3 mos


Went from a 3-month to a 3-week procurement process

"Vendr allows individuals to execute on software acquisitions so much faster and with such greater efficiency - it's just a win-win for anybody."

Peter Day

Head of Privacy & Security, Mixpanel

  • Acquired SaaS tools faster
  • Stopped dupes & overpayment
  • Shortened process by 75%


Deals get closed quickly and at a significant cost savings

"Vendr has really improved our procurement process because it allows our business stakeholders to focus on the things that matter to their daily roles, instead of having to spend a lot of time in the pricing and contract negotiations."

Gavin Zee

Head of Commercial Transactions, Sentry

Wall of kindness

Messages from our customers and suppliers showing the magic of Vendr

“We implemented Vendr in December and are thrilled with the benefits realized in only a couple of months -- time, savings, control, admin. Vendr is a no-brainer and comes highly recommended!”

“You guys are the best! We really appreciate your hard work on this.”

“Hey! I wanted to give feedback that Katie has been AMAZING on all the deals she’s worked on for us and I was very glad she will be part of our pod! If you wouldn’t have said her name, I would have definitely requested her!”

"Feels like you're an extension of our team."

“My previous experience with Matt left me with a lot of respect for what Vendr does. Here’s to a brighter new year!”

“Thanks to all of you for the support as we went through the evalutation process and the incredible vendor search and review!

Thanks as always for the procurement support and getting us on board for the best possible price.

“We just closed a purchase and I’m blown away at the discount we got (40%) and quick timeframe it was procured in. Just really impressed with the hustle and professionalism. So glad to be partners with you and the team!”

“I can’t recommend Vendr highly enough.”

“I wanted to say that it was wonderful working with Vendr through this process. It was a first for me working with a partner on renewal agreements, but I have to say Matt was a great person to work with.”

“The Vendr team has been great helping keep us on track and is a pleasure to work with!”

"I love Matt. He is great. Great communicator, follows all the steps. Matt definitely made our life easier 🙂"

"I couldn't be happier to have Vendr as an extension of our procurement team to handle this stuff. Because to be frank, I hate doing software contracts. I don't speak the language and it's not my strong suit. Plus I've got plenty of other procurement-related activities within our org that I actually enjoy doing."

“Hoping we can make it work in the future for them and hopefully gives us another excuse to work with your team. You all have been awesome!”

“I love Vendr! 🎉”

“I’m really grateful for this service. Really solves a true headache and roadblock that prevents me from getting work done for my company.”

"I had a call with another company just before and they were excited when I told them we were working with Vendr :)"

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