A high-growth culture rooted in kindness

The things we care about most

We strike a balance between work & play

Everyone brings a hunger for high performance mixed with a love for celebration

We’re building the smallest company everyone's heard of

Sustainable growth and capital efficiency with an aspirational brand footprint

We obsess over saving our customers money

From marketing to product to sales and customer teams, we’re committed to saving cash

Meet our awesome, tight-knit team

Aaron Joseph, Sr Director of Product
Aaron Joseph

Sr Director of Product

Andy Smith, Head of Sales
Andy Smith

Head of Sales

Aubrey Zimmerman, Executive Buyer
Aubrey Zimmerman

Executive Buyer

Danielle Aihini, Marketing Manager
Danielle Aihini

Marketing Manager

Danielle Rader, Business Development Representative
Danielle Rader

Business Development Representative

Danielle Thoeni
Danielle Thoeni

VP of Operations

Dorian Holnes, Marketing Specialist
Dorian Holnes

Marketing Specialist

Erik Edelmann, Data and BI Engineering Lead
Erik Edelmann

Data and BI Engineering Lead

Garner Blume, Customer Success Manager
Garner Blume

Customer Success Manager

Margo Sultenfuss, Senior Product Designer
Margo Sultenfuss

Senior Product Designer

Marjie Lam, Software Engineer
Marjie Lam

Software Engineer

Nitin Puri
Nitin Puri

Product Manager

Paige Durgin, Recruiting Manager
Paige Durgin

Recruiting Manager

Paige Wojda, Manager Executive Buying
Paige Wojda

Manager Executive Buying

Sam Gorgone, Account Executive
Sam Gorgone

Account Executive

Will Longwe
Will Longwe

Account Executive

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Our Core Values


Talking about SaaS budgets, pricing, and contracts can evoke a lot of emotion. Leading with kindness creates an ideal experience for all parties — buyer and seller alike. We take pride in being kind to each other, to our customers, and to suppliers. We believe that kindness is a competitive advantage.

Save your sorrys

Early on, Ryan volunteered with Samaritans’ suicide hotline. Recommended by expert negotiator Chris Voss, Samaritans teaches you to, “Save your sorrys,” because people don’t want to hear apologies — they want to be heard. At Vendr, this mantra represents how we actively listen to one another and take bold risks without apologizing.

Make magic

In the new category of SaaS buying, what we deliver to our customers feels like magic. We go beyond expectations. More than saving customers money — we save time, relieve stress, and leave the SaaS purchasing process better than when we found it. We obsess over customers, from increasing capital efficiency to getting deals closed fast.


Every day in Slack, the #we-are-awesome channel lights up. A CSM cheers on an Executive Buyer, a Marketer does a round of applause for an Account Executive, our CEO shares positive feedback from LinkedIn. We celebrate each other’s work, empowering everyone to be better and have fun along the way.



100% employer paid premiums

Unlimited PTO

Unlimited PTO



family leave

Generous parental and family leave

salary and equity

Competitive salary and equity


Wellness/gym reimbursement


Flexible work locations

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WFH stipend


100% employer paid premiums

Unlimited PTO


Generous parental and family leave

Competitive salary and equity

Wellness/gym reimbursement

Flexible work locations

WFH stipend

Hear it from the source.
Why employees love working at Vendr:

"I came to Vendr because I saw an engineering organization that cared about craft from the top down. I knew I would be challenged to level up my own engineering prowess.

Since joining I have also been continually impressed with how thoughtful, kind, and passionate my teammates are. It’s a privilege to be a part of a team that cares as deeply about the end result as they do about the process it takes to arrive there."

Maggie Concannon | Software Engineer

Maggie Concannon, Software Engineer

"As an Exec Buyer and former sales rep, I love the wild amount of exposure I get to the entire SaaS community.

I feel like I have ownership over my work. I’m not just responsible for a number — I’m at the heart of the buying and selling process between our customers and suppliers. The work challenges me in new ways, and being surrounded by so many smart people gives me a ton of confidence in our mission."

Preston Hull | Manager, Executive Buying


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