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Enhance spend visibility, automate tasks across systems, and create a centralized view of your data.

Our integrations do the heavy lifting for you.

Connect seamlessly to the tools your company relies on and maximize operational efficiency.
Accelerate procurement
Embed approval steps within external tools and sync data across third party systems.
Accelerate procurement
Surface spending trends and insights
Review contract commitments against actual spend from financial systems.
Surface spending trends
Streamline communication
Connect messaging platforms to give stakeholders
real-time updates and reminders.
Streamline communication
Enhance security with SSO
Ensure the right people have access to the right information with Single Sign-On (SSO).
Enhanced security
“Vendr allows individuals to execute on software acquisitions so much faster and with such greater efficiency - it's just a win-win for anybody.”
Peter Day
Head of Privacy and Security, Mixpanel
Need even more?
Check out our premium add-ons.
Premium Intelligence
  • Unlimited access to Buyer Guides
  • Unlimited contract analysis
  • Unlimited pricing validation
  • Unlimited competitive quote support
  • Unlimited meetings with experts
Premium Procurement
  • Advanced integrations (SSO, ERP, CLM)
  • Spend reporting
  • Audit logs for SOC 2 compliance
  • White-glove onboarding & support
Premium Negotiation Support
  • Full-service renewal negotiation support
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