LocalizeOS Achieves Cost Savings and Streamlined SaaS Management with Vendr

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“Vendr is our toolbox for negotiating the best deal for the company. ”
Ehud Tzadok
Ehud Tzadok
VP Finance
Localize OS


In the fast-paced world of real estate technology, LocalizeOS is an AI pioneer of residential brokerage technology, aimed to augment traditional ISA models and E-teams managing lead nurturing and relationship cultivation. LocalizeOS recognizes the significance of proactive software and cloud services in optimizing its operations. As LocalizeOS grew, it faced challenges with software management, vendor negotiations, and the time-consuming renewal processes for SaaS contracts. Seeking a solution to these issues, Ehud Tzadok, VP of Finance, turned to Vendr.


LocalizeOS had a clear set of challenges:

Asymmetrical Information with Suppliers: LocalizeOS struggled with a lack of transparency during vendor renewals, making it difficult to negotiate favorable terms and pricing.

Time-Consuming and Unorganized Renewal Process: Preparing for software renewals demanded significant time and effort, involving multiple teams, which proved to be a resource-intensive process. LocalizeOS would get renewal notifications from suppliers right before contracts were up, which didn’t leave them a lot of time to manage and negotiate for the best outcomes.

Unoptimized Software Stack Management: Before Vendr, LocalizeOS relied on rudimentary tools like spreadsheets to manage its software stack, resulting in a lack of visibility and efficiency. 


As Tzadok and his team began looking for a comprehensive solution to their software procurement challenges, they discovered Vendr.

Vendr’s approval workflows and benchmarking data were the biggest differentiators when deciding on a solution. Vendr provides LocalizeOS with negotiation expertise, enabling them to secure favorable deals and discounts with suppliers. This includes benchmarking against industry standards and best practices. By introducing approval workflows, LocalizeOS streamlined their renewal process and significantly reduced the administrative burden on their team.

The Vendr platform offers enhanced visibility into market prices, enabling LocalizeOS to make informed decisions about supplier negotiations and software procurement.

"Vendr has enabled my finance team to negotiate better terms and to more easily position what we want to achieve to all of our suppliers.  We also have clearer visibility to what is going on in the SaaS solutions market."



LocalizeOS's adoption of Vendr has yielded significant results including both cost savings and time efficiencies. LocalizeOS has saved over $130,000 since implementing Vendr. They have been able to negotiate substantial discounts with SaaS suppliers, including a 30% discount secured with a vendor who had been a major software expense for the company.

Integration of Single Sign-On (SSO) with Vendr has also allowed LocalizeOS to gain transparency in software subscriptions and optimize their stack efficiently. The streamlined renewal process, made possible by Vendr's workflows and approvals, has saved LocalizeOS valuable time and resources.

Vendr's support and expertise have empowered LocalizeOS to negotiate with vendors more effectively, resulting in better outcomes. Tzadok on the results this far, “I am amazed. With the right approach and Vendr’s solution and data, you’ll get the best results available for your team to optimize workflows and run efficiently.”


LocalizeOS's partnership with Vendr has transformed their software management practices, leading to significant cost savings, improved negotiation skills, and streamlined processes. Ehud Tzadok, VP, Finance, credits Vendr for its professionalism, expertise, and dedication to helping LocalizeOS achieve its financial goals. Vendr's commitment to supporting LocalizeOS and its strategic approach to software procurement and vendor negotiations have made it an invaluable partner in LocalizeOS's journey toward financial optimization and operational excellence.

Executive Summary

Amplified by artificial intelligence, LocalizeOS real estate solutions allow agents to connect, track, and co-manage all of their leads in one place.

  • Leveraged negotiation insights to secure significant savings on SaaS
  • Created an efficient software renewal process
  • Significantly reduced administrative burden and created more time for finance to focus on important top line initiatives



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