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NetSuite Pricing

NetSuite offers a range of price points based on business size, measured by headcount, and the desired tier of service. For a business with a headcount of 200, prices tend to range from $31,500 to $67,400. This price increases as headcount grows, with businesses hosting over 1000 employees looking at prices ranging between $142,200 and $210,400. It's also important to note that the pricing can slightly fluctuate based on the specific product within NetSuite's suite of offerings.

The cost of each NetSuite tier offers its own separate range. The Standard Tier hovers between $1,188 and $4,800, while the Premium Tier ranges from $11,615 to $27,600. The Ultimate Tier lies between $7,188 and $10,200, and the Enterprise Tier ranges from $7,188 to $23,988. Businesses interested in more information are encouraged to contact NetSuite directly for a precise quote.

NetSuite Competitors


Intuit offers a wide range of financial and business services, with renowned products such as QuickBooks, TurboTax, and Mint. While they are not a direct competitor in terms of all-encompassing ERP Software, they offer competitive services for financial, accounting, and tax needs.


Microsoft offers Microsoft Dynamics 365, which provides ERP and CRM business solutions. Their advanced tier integrates financial, customer, sales, and operations data, which could be an alternative for those looking for a comprehensive business strategy platform.


SAP is a well-known player in the field of ERP and technology solutions. Between their SAP S/4HANA platform and the Business One system for smaller businesses, they offer a wide range of solutions that can compete with NetSuite.

Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct is a cloud-based financial management software. Its comprehensive financial solutions make it a competitor in the field of financial management and accounting. However, it may not offer the same level of comprehensive operational management as NetSuite.


Workday offers a comprehensive suite of enterprise-level software solutions for financial management, human resources, and planning. They are a strong competitor in the market, offering advanced finance and HR tools.

NetSuite Negotiation Insights

With Vendr, you'll gain access to insightful negotiation strategies for NetSuite, one of the leading providers in the SaaS market. Read on to get a sneak peek of what Vendr has to offer.

Discount Levers for NetSuite

One effective discount lever for negotiating a NetSuite contract is leveraging competition. With several robust competitors like Intuit, Microsoft, SAP, Sage Intacct, and Workday in the market, using a competitive bid process can help you secure a better deal from NetSuite.

Commercial Items for NetSuite

An important commercial item to consider during NetSuite contract negotiations is the flexibility in terms of contract length. In many cases, agreeing to a longer-term contract with NetSuite can result in significant cost savings.

To explore more discount levers and commercial items to leverage when negotiating your NetSuite contracts, sign up for a free forever Vendr account. With Vendr's platform, you gain access to an array of negotiation insights for NetSuite, as well as other major SaaS providers.

Community Insights for NetSuite

The following insights have been gathered from our user community about NetSuite, a leading cloud-based ERP solution with a high customer retention rate.

  1. Negotiations: It is recommended that users work closely with a SaaS consultant when purchasing NetSuite to negotiate discounts and include renewal uplift cap and price lock language in the contract to ensure sustainable pricing in the future.
  2. Timing: Some community members have pointed out that the best months to buy NetSuite are May, August, November, and February.

With a free forever Vendr account, you can access hundreds of additional insights about NetSuite and other SaaS providers. These insights include detailed information such as the estimated time to implement NetSuite (typically 6-9 months), what to expect at the time of renewal, and various discount levers you can use during negotiation.

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NetSuite Overview

NetSuite is a comprehensive cloud-based software suite designed to streamline business operations. Combining powerful functionalities including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Accounting, and E-commerce, NetSuite provides businesses with a unified platform to manage their critical processes.

One of the leaders in the ERP domain, NetSuite is well-regarded for its ability to integrate with different business systems and applications, creating a fully seamless infrastructure where data flows smoothly across different segments of the business.

Furthermore, NetSuite offers extensive customization and scalability, which makes it an ideal choice for businesses across various industries and sizes, from small businesses to multinational corporations.

NetSuite offers a few editions targeting different needs, including SuiteSuccess - Software Edition, SuiteSuccess - Retail, and SuiteSuccess - FinancialsFirst. Each edition is catered to meet different business needs and can be chosen depending on the specific requirements of the organization.

Despite the numerous features and well-rounded capabilities, it's worth noting the ease of use and intuitive design of the NetSuite interface. The platform is user-friendly and designed with both technical and non-technical users in mind, lowering the learning curve and enabling employees at all levels to effortlessly navigate and utilize its features.

Compliance and Security

NetSuite places a high level of emphasis on the security and compliance of its software. The platform complies with several internationally recognized standards and regulations, offering its customers a degree of assurance about their data's safety and the system's vulnerability management.

In terms of regulations, NetSuite complies with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), thus securing users' data privacy across European markets. It is also SOC2 compliant, showcasing its commitment to the privacy, confidentiality, processing integrity, availability, and security of customer data.

NetSuite employs robust security mechanisms, offering Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities for added convenience and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for enhanced security. These features ensure that only authorized persons can access the system while preventing unauthorized access.

Furthermore, NetSuite strictly adheres to Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Data Processing Agreement (DPA) regulations, reinforcing its commitment to data privacy and secure data processing. This shows NetSuite's dedication to ensuring sensitive and personal data is handled safely and securely, which are critical considerations for any business handling customer data.

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