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WorkRamp Pricing

WorkRamp's pricing varies based on the headcount of your organization. For contracts serving 200 employees, the range is typically $17,300 to $29,600 annually. If your organization has 1000 employees, the range increases to $23,700 to $54,200 per year, and for greater than 1000 employees, expect to budget between $54,200 and $102,300.

Remember that pricing can be reduced through strategic decisions and negotiations. For instance, a 5% discount is generally offered for multiyear terms, and an additional 5% off is applicable for early renewals. Also, signing before the end of a quarter may reduce per-user rates by approximately 12%. Other notable savings occur with non-standard term lengths and when adding seats during the contract term. Customers have achieved nearly 50% reduction in pricing with locked pricing for two additional terms. If scaling is a part of your future plans, negotiating a multi-year contract with growth opportunity can yield better discounts.

WorkRamp Competitors

Here's a brief look at some of the key players in the same SaaS marketplace as WorkRamp. Each deliver unique offerings and value, keeping the competition in this area robust.


Allego is designed around mobile, active learning techniques that help teams deliver the right message, agilely iterate their sales strategy, and learn from peers. Allego's sales learning and coaching platform ensure that reps have the skills and timely knowledge to make the most of each selling situation.


Highspot provides a sales enablement platform that helps sales and marketing teams collaborate to win customers over. It leverages AI to provide analytics, automation, and insights to help your teams do their jobs more effectively.


Lessonly focuses on helping teams learn, practice, and do better work. They offer an easy-to-use training software that helps teams learn quickly, gather feedback, and track ROI in the process.


MindTickle provides a comprehensive, data-driven solution for sales readiness and enablement that fuels revenue growth and brand affinity. Its purpose-built applications, proven methodologies, and best practices are designed to drive effective sales onboarding and ongoing readiness.


Showpad is a comprehensive sales enablement platform that delivers the best buyer experience, intelligent sales content delivery, and impactful sales training. It aligns sales and marketing better than anyone, in order to drive more revenue faster.

WorkRamp Negotiation Insights

When negotiating your WorkRamp contracts, keep the following insights in mind:

Discount Levers

One of our negotiation tactics involves capitalizing on the end of WorkRamp's fiscal year, where they may be more inclined to cut a deal. Leveraging this discount lever can potentially result in more savings for your organization.

Commercial Items

Take note of the "Early Termination Without Cause" clause that often appears in SaaS contracts, including WorkRamp's. By negotiating this clause you may be able to exit the agreement without penalty if the product fails to meet your expectations or needs.

These are just a couple of the various negotiation insights available on the Vendr platform for WorkRamp. To unlock the rest and gain a more comprehensive understanding of your negotiation options, sign up for a free forever Vendr account today.

Community Insights for WorkRamp

Here are some recent insights from our community:

  1. "Secured a 5% discount for multiyear terms and an additional 5% for early renewal, with Net60 negotiated. Implementation fee and content launch package were waived. Signing before the end of the quarter resulted in a 12% drop in per-user rates."
  2. "Renewing with a monthly or 6-month term to expand to Enterprise was not possible, had to sign up for a full year. Pricing was negotiated down almost 50% with locked pricing for two additional terms. Adding seats midway through the contract resulted in a $2.75/seat/month discount. Better discounts offered for multi-year contracts with growth baked in."

Don't miss out the wealth of knowledge from other software buyers in our community. Sign up for Vendr's trial to gain access to the rest of the 8 valuable community insights for WorkRamp and find out who its top competitors are in the market.

Upon activation of your trial, you can tap into additional insights such as estimated time to implement WorkRamp, what to expect for your WorkRamp renewal, and possible discount levers you can pull if you're stuck during the negotiation process. Unlock these, and more insights when you sign up.

WorkRamp Overview

WorkRamp is an advanced Learning Management System (LMS) that serves as a comprehensive platform for employee onboarding, training, and development. The platform offers a wide range of functional features including content creation, course management, assessments, and detailed analytics. Specifically dedicated to HR tools, WorkRamp is designed to support businesses in efficiently managing their employee training programs. It offers a flexible system with functionalities that accommodate both small and large organisations, ensuring everyone gets the most out of their learning and development initiatives.

Compliance and Security

Information regarding WorkRamp's compliance with GDPR, SOC2, its MFA & SSO capabilities, and adherence to PII and DPA regulations is currently not available. We recommend contacting WorkRamp directly to obtain detailed and up-to-date information about their compliance and security standards.

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