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The hands-down best customer rewards program for SaaS purchases.

When you buy these SaaS products, Vendr guarantees satisfaction and a great price.

Vendr+ is the SaaS badge of excellence

When you see a SaaS seller with the Vendr+ badge, they’ve got Vendr’s stamp of approval. Vendr+ is an invite only program available only to the top SaaS products. 


Top 1% of SaaS products based on purchase volume.


Commitment to completing purchases in under 30 days. 


Great prices without games. 

Top quality

High customer satisfaction, low churn.

“We’ve leveraged Vendr+ for three SaaS purchases for high-quality products, and each was smooth and quick — averaging about a week from start to finish.”
Photo of Robin Rhodes
Robin Rhodes
Financial Analyst

Great Price Guarantee

Great products at great prices – without games. We make sure that Vendr+ prices are as low or lower than all relevant competitors. And we’ve got a guarantee to back it up.

If you discover a better price or are unsatisfied with your purchase, you'll get a credit for your next Vendr+ purchase — on us.

We monitor sentiment of Vendr+ purchases to make sure only the top products are included.

Free returns

Vendr+ purchases are backed by our satisfaction guarantee. Don’t like it? We’ll take it back. Free returns help us monitor the quality of SaaS products. You benefit.

Satisfaction guaranteed for SaaS purchases.

Buy SaaS 3x faster

Designed for speed, Vendr+ removes friction from the buying process. Get the products you need, faster, with streamlined contracting, security, and legal review. 

Get to a fair price without haggling and games, guaranteed.

Security Pass ensures compliance and allows buyers and sellers to fly through reviews.

Streamlined legal review and MSA negotiations.

“With Vendr as a trusted advisor to both sides, customers can rest assured that the product will meet their expectations.”
Photo of Ethan Schechter
Ethan Schechter
VP Sales

Slash your costs. Reclaim your time.

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