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CircleCI Pricing

CircleCI is a powerful Continuous Integration and Delivery platform assisting in all stages of application development such as building, testing, and deploying. It operates on a tiered pricing model, which varies based on user requirements and scale of usage. An earlier contract for CircleCI sold by Circle Internet Services Inc. was purchased for $30,000, which provides an indicative price range.

Free Trial Availability

As part of their extensive service offerings, CircleCI includes a free tier suitable for users exploring the platform's capabilities. While this free tier has certain limitations, it helps potential customers evaluate the product before committing to a premium plan.

Obtaining Discounts

Negotiations play a fundamental role in determining the final price with CircleCI. A crucial negotiation tip shared by customers includes leveraging refill policies and seeking multiple bids to get the best deal possible. Our liaison experts at Vendr have assisted customers in negotiating the best prices by implementing these tactics. Although the discount percentage may vary, with strategic negotiations an average discount of about 20% could be obtained.

Compliance and Security

CircleCI places substantial emphasis on maintaining a secure and transparent platform for its users. Unfortunately, a security incident occurred at CircleCI in early 2023. This has likely led to reinforced security measures. As a Continuous Integration platform, CircleCI adheres to compliance standards such as GDPR and SOC2. It enables features like Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to enhance its security capabilities. However, it is recommended to review the latest security documentation and updates from CircleCI to understand their current compliance status and security guidelines.

About CircleCI

Circle Internet Services Inc., the company behind CircleCI, is a prominent player in the CI/CD space with competitors like GitLab, GitHub, Jenkins, and Travis CI. Regardless of the competitive market, CircleCI has consistently established its position by offering powerful features and an intuitive platform beneficial for organizations of all sizes.

About Circle Internet Services Inc.

Circle Internet Services Inc. is the vendor offering CircleCI. Despite facing setbacks such as a security incident, the company has demonstrated resilience and commitment to improve its offerings. With a customer-centric approach, Circle Internet Services Inc. has developed a flexible billing system and customized server options to cater to clients with various requirements and constraints.

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