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Culture Amp Pricing

Culture Amp is a robust performance management system designed to propel businesses forward through the right tools and skills training. The platform is priced competitively with tiered pricing structures for various features and performance levels, making it adaptable to a range of budgets.

While specific pricing figures can only be obtained directly from the vendor, Culture Amp's contract prices are seamlessly negotiable. Additionally, discounts are readily available for those willing to commit to multi-year terms, presenting a beneficial opportunity for businesses intending to use the platform long-term.

Free Trial Availability

As of the current market information, Culture Amp does not offer a standard free trial period for its learning platform. However, companies interested in the product can reach out directly to Culture Amp for a customized product demonstration and further cost-related discussions.

Obtaining Discounts

Culture Amp offers a variety of levers to pull when it comes to obtaining discounts. The primary avenue to realize savings is through negotiation during the contract term alignment process. It is common for the vendor to offer significant price breaks for multi-year commitments.

Also, explicitly explaining budget constraints or presenting the potential to churn to another provider during negotiations are strategies that have proven to yield favorable results. On average, customers have been able to secure around a 20% discount using these tactics.

Compliance and Security

Culture Amp adheres to stringent data protection regulations, including GDPR and SOC2. The platform has implemented robust security measures including multi-factor authentication (MFA) and single sign-on (SSO) capabilities. This ensures that the customer's data stays confidential and secure. Additionally, the system is in compliance with personally identifiable information (PII) and data processing agreement (DPA) regulations.

About Culture Amp

Culture Amp is recognized for its dedication to transforming how businesses learn and develop. With thousands of courses on the most popular programming languages, software practices, and developer tools, it aims to drive growth through upskilling. The platform's reputation in the market, versatility, and commitment to users, as evidenced by an average managed user base of 229, makes it a top performer in the SaaS learning platform category.

About Culture Amp's Vendor

Culture Amp's vendor, Degree Inc, is known for its integrity and customer-centric approach, having supported Culture Amp contracts in a manner that is supportive, transparent, and flexible. They have a track record of handling contracts effectively, whether it's ensuring that contracts do not auto-renew without the customer's consent or keeping contractual terms open to negotiation. With a strong market presence and focus on customer needs, Degree Inc remains favorable amongst Culture Amp users.

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