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Greenhouse Pricing

Greenhouse is a transformative recruitment software designed to optimize your entire recruiting process. It offers seamless collaboration with hiring teams, robust analytics to measure performance, and integrations with top HR tech tools.

While the exact pricing for Greenhouse is often custom and based on the needs of the company, their pricing model generally includes an initial setup fee and then an annual subscription based on the number of employees. For small companies, the pricing often starts around $6,000 per year.

Free Trial Availability

Greenhouse, unfortunately, does not readily offer a free trial on their website. However, prospective users can contact Greenhouse's sales department directly to request a personalized demo.

Obtaining Discounts

Discounts on Greenhouse may be available through negotiation at the time of purchase or renewal. Companies with a larger number of employees or longer contract duration may also have better chances to negotiate discounts. Based on industry data, discounts can range from 10% to 25%.

Compliance and Security

Greenhouse is GDPR compliant and moreover, it adheres to comprehensive security measures. It features MFA and SSO capabilities for additional security layers. The platform respects and complies with privacy regulations and ensures that all customer data remain secure adhering to PII and DPA regulations.

About Greenhouse

Greenhouse is a leading recruitment software provider dedicated to helping businesses become great at hiring. Thousands of companies from startups to enterprises use Greenhouse’s intelligent guidance to optimize and streamline their entire recruitment process.

About Greenhouse's Supplier

Greenhouse's supplier, Greenhouse Software, Inc., is a reputed company headquartered in New York. They have established a strong market position due to their focus on delivering high-quality products tailored to the diverse needs of HR departments across industries.

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