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Lattice Pricing

Lattice is a robust software that provides a performance management system for companies. Apart from performance management, Lattice offers tools for goal tracking, growth, and engagement management, measurable insights, and more. Depending on your organization's needs, you can choose from several pricing tiers:

  • OKRs & Goals: Priced at an estimated range of $105 to $135 per contract, or alternatively, $8 per person per month.
  • Performance Management: This option falls within an approximate price range of $86 to $102 per contract, or alternatively, $8 per person per month.
  • Performance Management + OKRs & Goals: This combined option is priced at about $108 to $130 per contract, or approximately $11 per person per month.
  • Grow: The cost for the Grow tier falls within an approximate range of $108 to $136.
  • Engagement: Priced at an estimated $64 to $89 per contract.

For large-scale needs, special pricing is available:

  • A headcount of 200 can range from $13,500 to $23,600.
  • A headcount of 1000 falls between $31,800 to $49,800.
  • Beyond a headcount of 1001, expect to invest anywhere from $60,400 to $128,700.

Free Trial Availability

As of now, Lattice does not offer a free trial of its platform, although it offers personalized demonstrations on request. Potential users are encouraged to reach out to the Lattice sales team for specific arrangements aligned with their teams' needs.

Obtaining Discounts

Negotiating the price down for contracts or seeking discounts is certainly a viable option. Historical data shows an average savings of around 9.6% on Lattice contracts. Tactics for obtaining discounts can include pushing back on proposed price increases by citing account stability, future growth, competition with other service providers, or even arranging a multi-year agreement. See if a one, two, or three-year agreement is possible if it aligns with your organization's long-term needs and budget.

Compliance and Security

Lattice operates with respect for user data and its security. The platform complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), adheres to the Service Organization Control (SOC2) standards, and follows Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and Data Protection Act (DPA) regulations. Single Sign-On (SSO) capability is also available, enhancing the security and convenience for users.

About Lattice

Lattice is an enterprise solution designed to address human resource needs. It specializes as a people management platform providing services for performance management, goal setting, engagement tracking, and compensation. The platform's focus on user-friendly UX and real-time tracking has made it a top choice as a performance management system for companies. With an average customer size of 350 and a high retention rate, Lattice has established a solid place within the market.

About Supplier: Degree Inc.

Degree Inc., legal name for Lattice, is classified under HR Tech. They have a prominent market share, with contracts typically closing in about 40 days. With Lattice as their leading platform, Degree Inc. continues to chart the path in the HR tech space by helping organizations implement effective performance management systems.

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