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Snowflake Pricing

Snowflake is a powerful data platform built for the cloud offering a robust SQL cloud data warehouse. Their pricing is structured around four primary tiers: VPS, Enterprise, Standard, and Business Critical.

For each tier, the pricing is as follows:

  • VPS: Ranges from $6 to $9.30 per credit
  • Enterprise: Ranges from $3 to $4.65 per credit
  • Standard: Ranges from $2 to $3.10 per credit
  • Business Critical: Ranges from $4 to $6.20 per credit

Please note that these prices are based on usage of compute, storage, and data transfer resources.

Free Trial Availability

Snowflake does not offer a free trial but rather provides free credits and free usage as part of certain deals.

Obtaining Discounts

When it comes to acquiring discounts, Snowflake offers incentives for multi-year renewals, case study references, projected growth, and payment term flexibility. As these incentives are largely situational, specific discounts would be disclosed during contract negotiations. Past history shows around 10% to 20% discount can be achieved.

Compliance and Security

Snowflake adheres with GDPR and SOC2 compliance requirements. It maintains MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) & SSO (Single Sign-On) capabilities adding an extra layer of security. The product's adherence to PII (Personally Identifiable Information) and DPA (Data Protection Act) regulations ensures safe and secure data handling.

About Snowflake

Snowflake is a leader in the Data Warehousing category bringing a modern solution to traditional database systems. It's a public company with their fiscal year-end in January. With its roots in the cloud, Snowflake has often been compared with giants like Google, Microsoft, AWS, and Databricks. Their unique architecture separates compute and storage resources, allowing users to scale and pay for each independently depending on the usage.

About Snowflake Computing Inc

Founded in 2012, Snowflake Computing Inc. has always aimed to harness the power of the cloud data platform and make it accessible for all businesses. Today, Snowflake's platform is flexibility personified, offering customers the ability to pay for what they use and scale up or down based on their needs. Renowned for its customer-centric approach, Snowflake Computing Inc. delivers a quality product and comprehensive support, making it a top choice for businesses globally.

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