Introducing SaaS Buyer Guides: Negotiate smarter, not harder.

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Check out Vendr's SaaS Buyer Guides, your go-to handbooks for buying software. Use guides with tried-and-tested pricing info, tips on bargaining, and expert advice. Make decisions you can trust, backed up by Vendr's $3B in SaaS spend.

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Paige Wojda
Published on
August 1, 2023
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Five years ago, we launched Vendr on a mission to fix sales. In the beginning, we didn’t have any data. All we had was a willingness to negotiate and a suspicion that prices and the buying process could be better.

Now, $3B of SaaS spend later, we have one of the most robust SaaS data sets in the world. And today, for the first time, we’re putting the data (and the insights that came with it) in your hands.

Introducing Vendr SaaS Buyer Guides

Today Vendr is proud to announce SaaS Buyer Guides. SaaS Buyer Guides are software purchasing playbooks jam-packed with precise, actionable insights to help you understand what a fair price is, negotiate smarter, and learn from our community of SaaS buyers. 

Get access to data and insights, eliminating surprises and 'gotcha' moments. More transparency, better outcomes.

The problem: Information Asymmetry

Traditionally, SaaS buyers are flying blind. They don’t know what a great price looks like, where the supplier is willing to budge, or what strategies to use to get to a great outcome. 

The Solution: SaaS Buyer Guides

Vendr SaaS Buyer Guides eliminate information asymmetry. Instead, they offer:

Competitive research and intel:

  • Comprehensive competitive research
  • Competitor intel including pricing and product comparisons
  • Real pricing insights based on customer data
  • Pricing factors and negotiation tips
  • Proven levers to secure discounts and lower prices

Supplier and contract information:

  • Supplier details and contract information
  • Standard MSA and red-line threshold estimates
  • Negotiable commercial terms broken out by new purchases and renewal

Negotiation strategies and actions:

  • Specific negotiation levers that the community has tried
  • Green/Yellow/Red signals to tell you the effectiveness of various levers

Product considerations:

  • Understanding product-level SKUs
  • Details for an informed purchase and renewal process

Today’s Buyer Guide Coverage

Today we’re thrilled to launch detailed Buyer Guides for 100 top SaaS suppliers. These suppliers represent more than 60% of the purchases made on Vendr’s platform.

See which guides are live today at

In the interest of transparency, we’re also publishing our internal grading system that shows how deep each Buyer Guide is in four essential criteria: price insights, negotiation insights, community insights, and commercial term insights. 

What this means: More transparency and better outcomes for SaaS buyers

Vendr SaaS Buyer Guides are living documents that are regularly updated. And we’re adding more guides each month. 

Here’s how you can check them out:

  • First, see which guides are available
  • Current customers: initiate a Workflow in the Vendr app for one of those suppliers, its Buyer Guide will show up on the negotiation step. Questions? Ask your CSM!
  • Everyone else: Talk to our sales team about how you can get access today.
Paige Wojda
Sr. Manager, Professional Services
Paige leads our team of SaaS consultants, ensuring that our customers get great outcomes on all SaaS purchases.

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