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Introducing Vendr Verified: The invite-only program connecting buyers with trusted software products, providing fair prices and peace of mind.

Vendr | Vendr Verified connects buyers with trusted software.
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Jeff Swank
Published on
April 12, 2023
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Four years ago, we created the negotiation-as-a-service (“NaaS”) category because buyers were telling us they were sick and tired of the games associated with sales: long cycles, lack of transparency, confusing SKUs, and off-menu pricing.

I care deeply about fixing sales because I’ve spent the majority of my career as a software salesperson. I was ‘that person’ who determined the price that a customer would pay. Sometimes I’d give a great discount; other times, I’d hold firm at the list price.

With price control I thought I gained deal control, but as a result I was deteriorating buyer trust, creating confusion, and adding friction to the sales process. And in reality I had 30% close rates, 60+ day sales cycles, and a lumpy forecast (these are bad things).

Buying software doesn’t have to feel like haggling over a used car. 

We learned over the years that buyers and sellers want the same things: transparency, speed, and outcomes. Sellers want to know when buyers will buy, and buyers want to be sure they're buying the right product at a fair price. 

This shouldn’t be controversial. 

Fast-forward, and we’ve completed over 20,000 SaaS transactions as of today. We’ve learned how to get buyers what they deserve while getting sellers what they need. 

That’s why we’re excited to announce the next leg in our journey, connecting buyers and sellers for frictionless sales experiences.

Introducing Vendr Verified

Vendr Verified is an invite-only program earmarked for the most trusted software products based on Vendr’s purchasing data. We know the hot products because we’ve observed our customer base's buying decisions and satisfaction over the past five years. 

And today, 100+ of the top software products — including Snyk, ZoomInfo, and Gong — have accepted our invitation to join Vendr Verified. We plan to invite 100-200 more products into the program this year. 

When you buy on Vendr Verified, you know you’re getting a great product at a fair price – without the headache of a drawn-out negotiation. 

How Vendr Verified works

Buyers can access Vendr Verified through Explore, our comprehensive database of over 19,000 software products. Explore provides dynamic market insights, competitive alternatives, and filter options, allowing you to quickly find the best SaaS solution for your needs.

When finding a software solution in Explore, you can filter by Vendr Verified partners to see software products backed by our fair price and satisfaction guarantees.

Here’s how Vendr Verified benefits you

Peace of mind

When you buy a Vendr Verified product, you buy with confidence, knowing you’re getting the fair price and satisfaction guarantee—which means if you find a better price or the product doesn't work for you, we issue a credit refund which can be applied to your next Vendr Verified purchase.

Shorter transaction time

Designed for speed, Vendr Verified removes friction from the buying process so you can get the products you need faster. The average buying cycle in software is 84 days according to this study from HubSpot. Vendr Verified transactions close 3x faster on average, getting the SaaS you need quickly.

Robyn Rhodes, financial analyst at Plotly, recently experienced the warp speed of Vendr Verified transactions. 

“We’ve leveraged Vendr Verified for three SaaS purchases for high-quality products, and each was smooth and quick — averaging about a week from start to finish.”  

Get started with Vendr Verified

So if you're ready to build a better software stack and take the headache out of software buying, get started with Vendr today. Contact a Vendr expert and start your journey toward a more efficient and effective software procurement process.

Jeff Swank
Jeff Swank
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VP Customer Team
Jeff is the Vice President of the Customer Team at Vendr, where he manages how our customers interact with our trusted partners and suppliers.

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