New procurement automation from Vendr: Workflows make work flow faster


Simplify procurement with Vendr Workflows - automate intakes and approvals, and centralize communication for consistent outcomes.

Vendr | Introducing Workflows.
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Aaron White
Published on
March 16, 2023
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Today, Vendr announces Workflows – fully automated, customizable, and conditional procurement requests and approvals, built for the stakeholder. Procurement and finance leaders want to create stakeholder delight while maintaining company policies – now they can do both.

Great outcomes require great process, but documentation and grit will only take you so far. At Vendr, we are proud to announce the release of Workflows, enabling you to quickly get the software your team needs without all the frustration.

Workflows are powerful procurement solutions for defining your ideal process that bring everyone — requesters, approvers, and stakeholders — onto the same page. Centralize conversation, status, and decision-making for every purchase and renewal.

Vendr’s platform gives you quick access to the info you need – navigate to last year’s contract, find previously aggregated documents, or discover other key information about the supplier. Workflows coordinate your approvals faster, and you’ll never lose sight of where a deal stands.

And as always, our expert SaaS consultants are ready to join the process and negotiate great outcomes alongside you, all from within the same workflow.

"Purchases that previously required multiple email threads and manual management now flow through a single intake form and an automated approval process,” said Tessa Hamilton, IT Helpdesk Manager at InVision. “With the addition of Workflows, we're not just using Vendr for negotiations. It's become our procurement management tool for all our purchases."

Enable your modern procurement process with Workflows

Workflows let you build and implement the ideal purchase process for your organization. Define, automate, and scale SaaS procurement for standardization and consistency. Start quickly and easily with best-in-class templates and an intuitive interface. Plus, you can add conditional logic to scale up where you need it or speed up where you don't.

Edit the steps, assignees, and any details about the procurement path you like. Once you’ve established the workflow that’s the right fit, publish it for the rest of your business, so they can procure software, (or anything!) using your defined process.

We recognize not every purchase is the same. Use Workflows’ conditional logic to easily scale your process. Set pricing thresholds, add additional approvals, or include alternative review paths to ensure compliance with every purchase.

How Workflows reduce administrative tasks and empower your team for strategic work

Modernizing your procurement process with Workflows reduces administrative tasks and frees up your time for more impactful work. Workflows automate intakes, reviews, and approvals and give stakeholders a centralized location for all tasks, reducing the need for follow-up communication. No more emailing and messaging needed to find the status of a contract.

Faster purchases start with smarter intake. With Workflows, you customize an intake form that fits your needs. Once submitted, a purchase request is automatically routed through the appropriate steps for review and approval, including finance, legal, IT and security. This gives approvers an easy way to find all tasks in one place. Requesters get their software faster and always know the status of their request.

Workflows ensure a transparent purchase path that’s visible and accessible to all stakeholders. Users can make notes, upload documents, set due dates, and ask questions for each task directly in the workflow. Avoid miscommunication and prevent swirl by getting everyone involved on the same page.

Additionally, Workflows help your team automate:

Workflows boost visibility across your organization

Effective and efficient procurement processes rely heavily on the flow of information across all procurement stakeholders, finance, legal, security, and approvers. To improve collaboration, Workflows enable users to tag stakeholders for visibility and track the purchase progression from requirements gathering to the final contract. Team members are automatically notified by email and Slack when they have a pending task, and stakeholders always know the exact status of a purchase.

Workflows provide a source of truth for procurement and an overview of every active purchase across your organization. Workflows also simplify the manual process of managing contracts. Once you've run through a workflow, the tool will generate a final contract in your Contracts tab. It stores details of every contract and decision back into a system of record, making it easy to identify areas to optimize your spending and make data-driven decisions about future purchases.


Get started with Workflows

With Workflows, Vendr provides a comprehensive solution for streamlining your procurement process. By automating intakes and approvals, reducing administrative tasks, and providing better visibility across your entire organization, Workflows simplify managing contracts and ensures compliance with regulations.

In addition to its procurement automation capabilities, Vendr offers customer support services to help you negotiate the best prices and ensure your procurement process runs smoothly. With Vendr's extensive database of SaaS products, dynamic market insights, pricing predictions, and compliance details, you can save time and make better informed decisions about your software purchases.

So if you're looking to revolutionize your software buying experience and optimize your spending, contact us to start using Vendr Workflows.


Aaron White
Co-founder and CTO
Aaron is Vendr's co-founder and chief technology officer, leading the product, design and engineering teams.

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