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Ryan Neu
Published on
February 23, 2022
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Today, we're excited to share that we've acquired one of the strongest leaders in SaaS management, Blissfully, to bring our customers the single best way to purchase and manage software.

If your company is like most, you’ve probably experienced limited visibility into past software purchases and overall spend. Identifying all the software your company owns usually takes months of manual work between tracking down existing contracts, reconciling data, managing onboarding and offboarding, and eliminating duplicative tools. At which point, you've probably missed the window to negotiate savings on dozens of renewals. As your SaaS spending increases (and it will, according to Gartner), so too does the burden of managing contracts.

The software industry is evolving, but the way teams purchase and manage SaaS hasn’t—until now. Blissfully and Vendr are uniting to bring a single source of truth to SaaS procurement and will eliminate the buying and management inefficiencies that companies face when they go it alone.

Get to know Blissfully

Blissfully was founded in 2016 by serial entrepreneurs Ariel Diaz and Aaron White after recognizing that companies were using more SaaS than ever, yet still relied on multiple disjointed systems to try and manage it all.

They knew that companies could be using technology better, more like a superpower—to grow bigger, faster, smarter—over their competition. Easier said than done.

To gain the advantage of streamlined software management, companies need to first understand what is in their tech stack, software functionality, costs, company adoption rate, and ultimately how it impacts their business. For teams that are spread thin across many spreadsheets and systems, getting full visibility is time-consuming and challenging. Unsurprisingly, getting all the data you need for full transparency and making informed SaaS buying decisions, can take months.

Blissfully is a SaaS management platform that makes it easy for organizations to manage their suppliers, unlock visibility into their SaaS applications, and identify potential cost savings—all from one system of record. Early on, Ariel and Aaron prioritized technology, building dozens of integrations and workflows that not only made their customers' lives easier and saved them money, but also mitigated security risks.

Notable feature benefits include SaaS discovery automation, which identifies software that's used throughout an entire company to eliminate shadow IT or duplicative spend. Blissfully's software management tools also benchmark spend and SaaS usage reports by company stage, and detail SaaS adoption and usage stats to better inform renewal decisions.

Hundreds of companies have relied on Blissfully's software asset management to discover what software their company owns (without fear of missing data points) and, in turn, Blissfully has empowered them to optimize strategic decisions to grow their business.

Completing the SaaS buying lifecycle 

Not long ago, Vendr was just a team of three at Y-Combinator with a dream to change the way people buy software. We didn't have the market validation then, but we knew many companies were overpaying for SaaS. We saw end-users struggle to control and forecast compounding costs accurately. We knew there had to be a better way - that's why we created the SaaS buying category. Since then, we've saved our customers countless hours and a combined $165M on their SaaS costs. Today, we're building on that momentum for our customers.

Together, Vendr and Blissfully complete the SaaS buying lifecycle. As the tech industry increasingly relies on SaaS apps, both companies have been focused on helping customers simplify their software subscriptions, and we’ve processed over $1B in spend between us. We know how critical centralized, easily accessible information is to the success of Finance, Procurement, and IT teams.

"We've been a happy customer of both Vendr and Blissfully for years now. With Vendr, you're paying a fair price every time you buy software, and with Blissfully, you have visibility into what your company owns. Merging SaaS buying with SaaS management is the future of software procurement—it gives my team full visibility and empowers them to make informed buying decisions," says Drift VP of Finance & Operations Dave Vital.


Vendr will remain dedicated to empowering our customers as they navigate the increasingly complex software lifecycle. That means we will be hard at work over the next few months building the single best way to help you find, buy, and manage software. To find out more, please get in touch here.

Ryan Neu
Ryan Neu is the CEO and founder of Vendr, which is focused on connecting SaaS buyers and sellers through unique experiences. Ryan founded Vendr in 2019, leveraging his extensive experience in the SaaS industry from his prior roles at HubSpot and InVision. A Y Combinator alum, Ryan has guided Vendr to become a leading player in the SaaS space with his strong vision and passion for innovation and customer satisfaction.

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