Here at Vendr, we are obsessed with becoming the way that companies and people buy SaaS. Software is the lifeblood of every organization and yet purchasing SaaS weighs down the stakeholders who desperately need these tools to grow. 

Over the past few years, we've learned a lot about buying SaaS. For one, it takes a really long time. On average, it can take a stakeholder over ten hours to buy a new tool. From budget approval to security review to legal sign-off, buying SaaS is a full-time job. 

Second, you never know if you're paying a fair price for SaaS, especially with so many competing products, SKUs, and pricing models. Opaque pricing is a real problem for companies everywhere. 

We’ve proven that there's a new way to buy. 

However, it's not just about buying SaaS. It's about picking and evaluating the right tool (discovery), figuring out the right price (purchasing), and maximizing the value out of your SaaS stack (adoption). 

This is where Capiche comes in.

We’re proud to announce our acquisition of Capiche, a shared repository of insights and information created by a community of SaaS power users.

CEO and Founder Ryan Neu says, “Capiche gives us an opportunity to help everyone make better purchasing decisions, beyond our customer base. Unlocking SaaS insights directly from the people who use the products every day means anyone can get the most timely and detailed insights to evaluate, purchase, and adopt the right tools.”

People engage regularly with Capiche to: 

  1. Discover new tools

  2. Inform purchasing decisions

  3. Get better adoption

Our plan for Capiche is to do just that — empower the community to operate independently and organically. While we’ll help Capiche grow, we’ll uphold its original mission to grant the power of conversation to the people — helping the community evaluate, buy, and adopt SaaS.

Curious to see what Capiche offers? Here are three active conversations taking place right now — join in!

We’re excited to see how both Vendr and Capiche will continue to bring value to companies and individuals across the globe, as SaaS adoption grows.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for Capiche today.

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