The Quest for the Perfect Remote Whiteboard: A Community Perspective

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Join the community's hunt for the perfect remote whiteboarding tool. Features, usability, and more.

Vendr | Has anyone found a remote whiteboard setup that's actually useful?
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April 26, 2023
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The shift to remote work has accelerated the need for digital collaboration tools, and one of the most sought-after features is a reliable remote whiteboarding solution. From brainstorming sessions to visual planning, whiteboards have always been a staple in offices. But what happens when your team is spread across different locations, time zones, or even continents?

The Current Landscape

The state of remote whiteboarding appears to be a hot topic in the tech community. While some software solutions like Miro and Freehand by Invision are popular, others still leave much to be desired. Many remote workers are experimenting with different setups and configurations in search of the best remote whiteboarding experience.

Figma + Wacom Tablet

One notable suggestion was combining Figma, a vector design tool, with a Wacom tablet. This setup allows users to draw on a digital canvas, enhancing the expression and iteration of ideas that are hard to articulate through text alone.

Freehand by Invision

Invision’s Freehand came up multiple times as a go-to solution for brainstorming and real-time collaboration. Freehand allows designers to share comps and developers to collaborate on flows, thus streamlining the design cycle. It even supports direct paste from screenshots, adding to its convenience.

Hardware Matters

The choice of hardware varies among users. While some find mobile phone screens too small for effective whiteboarding, others prefer tablets like the iPad that work seamlessly with a stylus. Still others have found success with touch screen laptops paired with digital pens.

Venturing into Virtual Reality

Board VR on Oculus represents an exciting frontier in remote whiteboarding. Although still in its experimental phase, the use of VR for remote work could be a game-changer, offering an immersive and interactive experience.

A Plethora of Platforms

Other notable mentions include:

  • ReMarkable: A note-taking device with screen mirroring but no collaborative features.
  • Mural: Known for its e-stickynotes and mapping out ideas.
  • Google Jamboard: While the hardware is expensive, its iPad app paired with an Apple Pencil provides a good experience.
  • Zoom’s Whiteboard: It becomes interesting when used with a touch screen laptop and a digital pen.
  • Whimsical: Still under the radar but has generated some interest.

Homemade Solutions

In addition to these platforms, some users have gotten creative. Tools like Google Presentations and Muse offer alternative ways to collaborate visually. Users also mentioned apps like Pixelboard and Explain Everything for multi-writer collaboration on the iPad.

What’s Still Missing?

Despite these numerous options, there’s a consensus that no single tool has yet nailed the perfect remote whiteboarding experience. Some of the drawbacks mentioned include limited screen size, lack of real-time collaboration features, or slow load times for larger boards.

The Future of Remote Whiteboarding

As remote work becomes increasingly common, the demand for robust digital whiteboarding solutions will only grow. Companies are likely to invest more in R&D to improve these tools, and we might see innovations in how these platforms integrate with existing productivity suites or even VR setups.

Final Thoughts

While the search for the perfect remote whiteboard continues, the community-driven insights offer a valuable resource for anyone looking to optimize their remote collaboration experience. If there's one takeaway, it's that the perfect tool might not exist yet, but there are plenty of good options to explore based on your specific needs and workflow. So, keep experimenting and stay tuned for new advancements in this ever-evolving space.

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