How to Use Reminders in Notion for Notes and Tasks: A Complete Guide

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Amplify your productivity by mastering reminders in Notion. A complete guide to note-taking and task management.

Vendr | How do you get reminded about Notion notes and tasks?
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May 11, 2023
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You're using Notion to write weekly retrospectives and need a reliable way to remind yourself to update them before deadlines. Notion is a versatile tool that serves not just as a platform for notes but also as an organizer for tasks, a host for embedded data, and more. One of its useful features is the ability to set reminders within notes and tasks. This guide will walk you through how to leverage this feature effectively.

Why Use Notion Reminders?

  1. Stay On Schedule: Notion reminders help you stay on top of your various tasks and due dates.
  2. Convenient Notifications: Notion reminders appear in the app's desktop version as well as on your mobile device, making it harder to miss them.
  3. Flexibility: You can use reminders in various sections and types of notes within Notion, making it a very flexible solution for all your tasks.


How to Set Reminders in Notion

On Desktop

  1. Navigate to the Note: Open the Notion note where you wish to set a reminder.
  2. Insert a Reminder: Type /remind and press return. This will open up options for setting a due date.
  3. Choose or Type the Date: You can select a date from the calendar or type a date manually.
  4. Customize the Reminder Time: After setting the date, you can click on it to customize when you want to be reminded—on the due date, before, or after.

On Mobile

  1. Navigate to the Note: Open the note on Notion’s mobile app.
  2. Insert a Reminder: Click the @ icon in the toolbar above the keyboard.
  3. Choose the Due Date: Select the date you wish to be reminded on.
  4. Set Time Options: Tap the set date again to customize the time for the reminder.

How to Update Reminders in Notion

  1. Go to the Note with the Reminder: Locate the note that has the reminder you want to update.
  2. Edit the Reminder: Click on the date and change it to the new date you want to set the reminder for.
  3. Customize Time Again: Similar to when setting the reminder, you can customize when you want to be notified.

Limitation: No Recurring Reminders

As of now, Notion does not support recurring reminders. If you have recurring tasks, you will need to manually update the reminder date after completing each instance of the task.

Pro Tips

  1. Project Boards: Notion's Kanban boards also have a date field for cards, which allows you to set reminders for project tasks.
  2. Notification Settings: Ensure your desktop and mobile notification settings for Notion are configured properly so that you do not miss any reminders.
  3. Consistency: Make it a habit to set reminders immediately when you create a new task or note. This ensures you never miss out on anything important.


Using reminders in Notion can be a game-changer for your productivity and task management. The steps are quite straightforward, whether you are working on a desktop or mobile. The only limitation is the lack of support for recurring reminders, but this can be worked around by manually updating the reminder for each new task cycle. Happy Notion-ing!

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