A Balanced Approach to Prioritizing User Feedback

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Learn a balanced methodology for prioritizing user feedback. Improve your product and customer relations.

Vendr | How do you prioritize user feedback?
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May 17, 2023
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Managing a product roadmap is a challenging task, especially when you're bombarded with user feedback from different channels. The real question is how to strike a balance between what users love and the issues they want resolved. Here's a nuanced approach, inspired by startups, that combines vision and data to prioritize user feedback effectively.

Two Extremes in Startup Culture

  1. Vision-Driven Teams: These teams focus on amplifying features or aspects of the product that users already love.
  2. Data-Driven Teams: These teams pay close attention to user complaints and issues, aiming to systematically address them.

A Balanced Strategy: 50/50 Rule

A practical approach to roadmap management is to dedicate equal time to both paradigms:

  • 50% Doubling Down on Vision: This part of the roadmap focuses on enhancing and expanding what users already love about the product.
  • 50% Addressing User Issues: This half is reserved for solving problems that users face, making the product more robust and reliable.

How to Prioritize Within Each Stream?

Doubling Down on Vision: The Art of Intuition

  1. Talk to Users: Understand what makes them tick and what they love about your product.
  2. Lean into Intuition: Sometimes data can't capture the essence of what makes a feature great. Here's where your product instinct plays a crucial role.
  3. Impactful Enhancements: Focus on features or improvements that will significantly add to the user experience.

Addressing User Issues: The Science of Analysis

  1. Cost-Impact Analysis: For every issue or potential project, label it as low, medium, or high in terms of both cost and impact.
  2. Pick the Low-Hanging Fruit: Start with projects that are both low-cost and high-impact to deliver quick wins for your users and your business.

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Striking a balance between vision and user feedback is key to long-term success. The 50/50 rule ensures that you are not just reacting to issues but also proactively enhancing what makes your product special. This hybrid approach will help you expand beyond your initial niche without losing the essence of what makes your product unique.

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