Setting Reminders in Slack: A Simple Guide

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Quickly master the art of setting reminders in Slack with this straightforward guide.

Vendr | How do you set reminders in Slack?
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May 18, 2023
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Slack has increasingly become the go-to messaging platform for team collaborations. But did you know you can also use Slack to set reminders for tasks, messages, and even events? Here's how to do it.


Using the /remind Command

  1. Basic Reminder: Open any Slack channel or direct message.
  2. Type the Command: Input /remind followed by the name of the person you want to remind, what they need to be reminded about, and when they should be reminded.
  3. Example: /remind @awwstn Feed the fish on Tuesday
  4. Time and Date Parsing: Slack's bot is adept at understanding dates and times in plain English. However, you may still need to experiment to get your reminder just right.

Setting Reminders for Specific Messages

  1. Locate the Message: Find the Slack message you want to be reminded about.
  2. Access Options: Click the ... (more options) button beside the message.
  3. Set Reminder: Select the Remind me about this option from the drop-down menu.
  4. Choose Time: Pick when you'd like to be reminded. Slack will send a notification about that message at the chosen time, straight to your Slackbot channel.


  • Task Reminders: You can set reminders for tasks assigned during meetings or conversations on Slack.
  • Event Reminders: Team events or deadlines can be made more manageable by setting reminders for everyone involved.


Setting reminders in Slack is both straightforward and highly versatile, whether you're reminding yourself or a team member about an upcoming task or event. This feature ensures you'll never miss an important deadline or forget a crucial task again.

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