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At Vendr, we've built our platform to help companies save time, save money, and improve their operations. We give Finance, Procurement, and IT leaders more visibility across the entire SaaS stack (even the shadow spend) to help multiply negotiating power and procure SaaS faster.

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August 9, 2022
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Picture this:

Your organization spent the last few years snapping up SaaS tools and now you’re tasked with reducing waste and making your budget stretch further.

But it’s not easy. To achieve this, you need to save money on new purchases while also cutting overspend throughout your software stack. And on top of that, your team still wants their purchase requests without a ton of red tape. 

Vendr is here to help. We’ve built our platform to help companies save time, save money and improve their operations by buying SaaS more efficiently. We’ll give you visibility across your entire stack (even the shadow spend) and multiply your negotiating power. 

And we do this all without adding extra time to the procurement process. In fact, we help companies close their deals up to 75% faster. Intrigued? Keep reading to learn more.

Get organized and save money on SaaS with an integrated system of record

Vendr | Spend Report
Integrate your system of record with your existing business systems to understand organizational spend, regain control, and reduce costs.

Overspend and information sprawl is one of the biggest challenges for teams managing large software stacks. 

Tracking down information manually is a huge time suck while still leaving potential gaps in your spend control. Without full visibility into your stack, your ability to identify duplicative spend and tamp down on unapproved purchases will always be limited.

That’s why Vendr now integrates with your key business systems to automatically (and continuously) port data into one connected system of record. 

  • Get a high-level view of apps & spend across your organization to better understand which products your team is buying and using. 
  • Get full access to spend history for every supplier and attach the right internal stakeholders for faster coordination. 
  • Need to track criticality of those tools, what they are used for, or something else unique to your process? Our custom properties give you the flexibility to store and track specific data points across all your applications & suppliers.

With a connected source of truth, you will finally understand everything your organization is buying, not just the contracts going through the standard procurement process. 

When you need to consolidate and cut costs, you’ll be well-equipped to make informed decisions about which applications should be retained and which can be consolidated. 

Getting organized also brings immense benefits when you come to the negotiation table with your software suppliers.

Buy and renew SaaS confidently with centralized spend management 

Vendr purchase timeline and total SaaS spend chart
Surface renewals and organize all of your supplier details for better negotiation outcomes.

No one likes leaving a pricing discussion wondering how much money they left on the table. 

But it’s hard to negotiate confidently when you’re playing defense, with incomplete information and surprise renewal dates. In order to arrive at the best negotiation outcomes, you need a way to surface renewals with plenty of advanced notice and equip your team with all the right details.

We built Vendr 2.0 with robust spend management features that’ll keep you more organized and informed than ever. With the contract information in the Vendr platform, you will always get a heads-up into what’s coming — right in your central dashboard. 

Get a jumpstart on negotiations with previous purchase information and a secure storage spot for all documentation, including contracts, legal and security review documents, invoices, and more. When you are ready to start the conversation with the software supplier, you can request negotiation support from Vendr’s Executive Buying team. The platform will then track in one place the progress of each deal and help you keep all stakeholders informed.

We’re not done yet! Soon, you’ll be able to store and manage contracts within Vendr, and see the history for any supplier in your stack. Contracts can be laid out in many different ways and it can often be difficult to spot the key information you need. Vendr will soon introduce new capabilities to pull out and standardize the most important information so you feel empowered in every negotiation.

With contract and spend centralization, buying and renewing software just got a whole lot easier. But Vendr’s value doesn’t end at negotiations. We are here to help you build a better procurement process inside-and-out.

[Early access] Improve purchase velocity with customizable procurement workflows

Vendr | Manage workflow
Design custom intakes & workflows to standardize approval steps and help procurement run more smoothly.

Procurement doesn't come in one-size-fits-all. Every business has unique processes they need to follow, and different types of actions require different steps and stakeholders. 

What if you could formalize and standardize elements of this often complex process, increasing compliance and reducing unnecessary (re)work, while maintaining flexibility? 

Enter: Workflows.

The Workflows feature, currently in limited access, will give you the ability to create custom intake forms and step-by-step automated workflows for every procurement need. Buying new software? Need to sunset something in your stack? We got you. 

Get a visual builder to map out each step, assign tasks to individuals or functional teams, and capture the necessary information along the way. And, since this is all happening within Vendr, all information will be automatically stored back in your system of record, your reliable single source of truth on procurement data: reference it anytime to understand tradeoffs and review the decision-making process behind any of the previous SaaS purchases.

It’s a win-win for everyone. Your stakeholders get their software faster with visibility into every step along the way. You get peace of mind knowing that every part of the SaaS buying experience is tracked and every required step is followed. 

Ready to learn more?

We are excited to get Vendr 2.0 in your hands. To see how we can help you reduce costs, save time, and improve your operations, request an analysis of your stack.

Vendr Team
Vendr's team of SaaS and negotiation experts provide their curated insights into the latest trends in software, tool capabilities, and modern procurement strategies.

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