Transforming Software Spend Management: Introducing Vendr’s Premium Features

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Vendr's spend management features redefine how teams approach managing software spend. By leveraging spend analytics, teams gain critical insights into their spending patterns to drive a transparent and efficient procurement process.

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April 12, 2024
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Vendr is proud to announce transformative spend management features, designed to redefine how teams approach managing software spend. By leveraging spend analytics, teams gain critical insights into their spending patterns, enabling data-driven decision-making that drives a transparent and efficient procurement process.

Two Pillars of Spend Management with Vendr

Vendr’s Spend Management tool has two key features that work together to help you understand where your money is going and where you can spend smarter.

Compare Contracted Spend vs. Actual Expense is the ultimate tool to help understand your team’s committed spend against actual expenditure, which is critical for planning renewals, evaluating software contracts, and strategic planning. Not only does this feature help highlight discrepancies between expected and actual spend, it also encourages adjustments to align with strategic goals.

Aggregated View of Your Entire SaaS Spend helps you achieve a comprehensive view of your entire software stack with Vendr. This feature empowers you to compare data over time, export information for custom analysis, and create visual representations of spend. Say goodbye to fragmented data and hello to the full-picture view.

One of our early users told us these features have already changed how his team budgets.

"I've built prepaid schedules within Excel and it's terrible," said Gerry, who works in finance operations. "This is amazing. I feel like it helps with budgeting tremendously, if we can kind of see the spend, and then take those values and put them into our model."

Empowering Decision-Making and Time Savings

With Spend Management, teams can address critical questions about their software spend. One of the most important outcomes is that this empowers better decision-making to help save on software.

"I already used the new reporting to save time," Gerry said. "We have many order forms with Zoom. It is difficult to add them all up and get the total spend. I needed this number as we are coming up on our renewal, so I was able to use the new accruals view to see how much we spend a month with Zoom and calculate an estimated annual spend as a baseline for our renewal.”

Begin Your Optimized Spend Management Journey

Vendr is transforming how companies manage software spend through innovative features and insights. If you’re ready to leverage the full potential of your software spend, contact us for a demo. Spend Management is a premium feature offered in our Premium Procurement offering. Discover how Vendr can illuminate your SaaS spending, empower your procurement decisions, and steer your organization towards strategic, informed, and cost-effective SaaS management.

Vendr Team
Vendr's team of SaaS and negotiation experts provide their curated insights into the latest trends in software, tool capabilities, and modern procurement strategies.

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