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Emily Regenold
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March 4, 2022
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The heart of the Vendr mission is to fix the broken SaaS buying and management model for our customers. We want to make the buying process easier and give finance and procurement leaders confidence when pricing and negotiating on software. We strive to make managing the software stack a less cumbersome, more cost-effective process for everyone.

Though we strive to help our customers select the best SaaS tools with a focus on fair pricing, we know Vendr isn’t the final word.

That distinction belongs to the hundreds of thousands of users who engage with software tools and services every day. They provide the most compelling argument for a SaaS product’s functionality, efficiency, and ease of use. With hundreds of available options to meet every need, the enthusiastic support of our user base is the most important metric by which to rate our success.

This is why Vendr is thrilled to be included in G2's Winter 2022 cohort of badge recipients. Recognition from G2 acknowledges not just our standing within the SaaS industry, but the experiences and sentiment of the customers we work with every day.

Vendr’s Winter 2022 Trust Badges

Vendr G2 Trust Badge | SaaS Spend Management Leader
Vendr G2 Trust Badge | Best Support
Vendr G2 Trust Badge | Easiest to Do Business With

Vendr is excited to be recognized in three categories for the Winter 2022 Cohort in the SaaS Spend Management category. Software companies in this category help users centralize their control over SaaS licenses, facilitate SaaS contract management, track spending, forecast costs, and monitor utilization and user sentiment.

We are featured in the Top 10 SaaS Spend Management Software category tools, with an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. More information on this category can be found on the G2 category page.

Vendr recognized as SaaS Spend Management Leader

We love to lead the way in fair customer-rep negotiations, and in our industry. G2 has recognized Vendr as a Leader in the SaaS Spend Management Software category with placement in its G2 Grid, alongside other industry leaders like Airbase, G2 Track, and Productiv.

Trust is critical when it comes to spend management. Everyday comments pour in from Vendr customers thanking our team for protecting their budgets, protecting their time, and bringing transparency to the challenge of buying and managing 100s of SaaS suppliers.

For more information on G2s grid scoring methodology, you can check out the scoring resources on their website.

Vendr commended for Best Customer Support

The Best Support badge is awarded to companies that demonstrate a commitment to exemplary customer service and support. These companies are truly customer-centric and focused on providing the best experience for those using their tools.

One of our core values at Vendr is kindness-as-a-Service. Our first focus is on providing total customer support, whether we’re negotiating and purchasing software, or supporting users while they navigate our platform. We’re excited to be recognized for this important commitment to our customers.

G2 users have rated us a 10 out of 10 for quality of support.

One CFO described the experience of buying SaaS with Vendr this way:

"Vendr has deep knowledge of what current market rates are for almost every piece of software we use, and use that to help us get the best deal. In addition, their customer support has been fantastic."

Vendr awarded with Easiest To Do Business With

If you’re a fan of Vendr, you know one of our core beliefs is that SaaS buying shouldn’t be so hard. We try to smooth the path from discovery to the closing table by highlighting relevant buying data, providing user feedback from our community, and supporting finance and procurement leaders by optimizing negotiations and repetitive contract renewals. We’re all about keeping things easy for those in the SaaS business, so we’re thrilled our customers and users agree.

G2 users have given us a 9.7 of 10 rating for ease of use, and 10 out of 10 for ease of setup.

One reviewer had this to say:

"Vendr has saved our SaaS company countless hours with negotiations and has saved money on top! They have taken a lot of the leg work out of our negotiating contracts; they are the ones putting in a lot of the time and effort to reach out to these suppliers and find deals that work on both sides."


About G2

G2 is a technology marketplace and software research platform that allows users to explore, review, and manage the software products they use every day. It is widely seen as the most trusted source for unbiased customer reviews. G2 is not a paid marketplace and does not allow paid reviews. Rather, the platform uses a sophisticated algorithm to rate and qualify user-generated reviews for inclusion in its database.

G2 Trust Badges provide a way for customers to quickly identify best-in-class solutions as rated on a variety of different metrics. They give software providers an easy and powerful way to showcase their strengths and demonstrate their qualifications as a safe and trusted software solution.


We’d like to congratulate our fellow Trust Badge recipients, and thank our hundreds of customers for lending your voice and support to the Vendr product and team. Being recognized by our customers for our dedication to changing the SaaS buying experience is one of the most valuable endorsements we could receive.


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Emily Regenold
Chief of Staff
Emily is the Vendr's Chief of Staff, leading the company's brand and external communications.

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