We’re KPMG’s Top Tech Innovator in the U.S.: Here's what that means

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Emily Regenold
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September 13, 2021
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We are thrilled to announce that Vendr has been named winner of KPMG's Private Enterprise Top Tech Innovator U.S. competition!

While it's exciting in and of itself to have won a competition rooted in tech innovation against hundreds of other leading companies – what we're most excited about is the validation KPMG’s award brings to the Vendr mission. 

If you've been following us for a while, you probably already know what we're all about. If you're new here, welcome.

We're on a mission to fix B2B SaaS sales. 

HubSpot, Canva, and Reddit transformed the way they buy SaaS.
Are you ready to do the same?

B2B sales is epically inefficient 

Can you think back to when you needed a particular tool to be better at your job? Once you had that realization, how long did it actually take before that tool was in your department's hands? 

On average, it takes 90 days to make a B2B software purchase. That's an entire quarter’s worth of time without the tool you need to 10x your team goals. Not to mention, once you have the software, it could take anywhere from one to two months to onboard.

That's epically inefficient. 

Inefficient SaaS buying doesn’t just impact the buyer. It also hurts the salesperson. On average, 80% of opportunities don’t close. That’s an 80% drop-off rate over 90 days.

It's the reason so many SaaS companies have to spend a substantial amount of money on business development. Long sales cycles create cracks in the pipeline, meaning most companies have to cast a wide net to hit their numbers. 

Traditional B2B sales is broken – but to change how people sell, you first need to change how people think about buying.

SaaS is material 

Companies are reliant on SaaS today and will become even more reliant tomorrow. The time it takes to purchase software isn’t the only inefficiency here. 

SaaS pricing is highly variable. Two companies can purchase the same tool, but depending on who you're working with, the time of year, the importance of your logo, the LTV (Lifetime Value) projection, the two will likely end up with completely different prices.

These SaaS expenses are designed to compound as you scale, making them very difficult for Finance and Procurement teams to control and forecast. 

That’s where Vendr comes in

We mentioned earlier that we’re on a mission to fix B2B SaaS sales. How are we doing that? By helping every company buy the right SaaS at the best price. 

Today is not just a feather in our cap. It’s validation. It’s a proof point in our journey. 

With the motivation of KPMG’s recognition, we’re continuing our mission to create a world where people can buy SaaS instantly — a win-win for buyers and sellers everywhere.

Today, Vendr’s B2B SaaS buying platform has facilitated over $400 million in software purchases across 4,000+ suppliers and 200+ customers, including leading companies Canva, Brex, and Reddit. 

By empowering buyers to purchase SaaS with ease, Vendr is building the future of frictionless B2B sales — where customers are guaranteed to save over 20% off their software purchases and more importantly — save time.


Emily Regenold
Chief of Staff
Emily is the Vendr's Chief of Staff, leading the company's brand and external communications.

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