Vendr and Zip partner to complete the SaaS buying lifecycle

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November 10, 2021
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SaaS is expensive – in both time and money. While we’ve recently seen a massive increase and transformation in the amount of SaaS companies need, the way they buy and sell hasn’t followed suit, costing hours of wasted time.

Today, we are thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered with Zip to make strides for our customers to leverage the complete SaaS buying lifecycle without the manual, time-consuming work they’ve been so accustomed to.

Zip is the leading intake-to-procure solution which provides one place for employees to initiate purchase or vendor requests and sits on top of ERP, procure-to-pay, CLM, ticketing, and other systems. Vendr is the leading SaaS buying platform helping companies buy the right software at the best price. The two together means that initiating, renewing, and getting the best price on SaaS contracts is simpler than ever.

Everything you need to know about the integration.


How the two come together to make SaaS buying more efficient

Looking for a new piece of Marketing software? As a Zip user, whatever you enter into Zip’s conditional intake will automatically sync to Vendr to provide our team of expert Buyers everything they need to know about what you’re looking to achieve, including timelines and budget.

Using data from over $600 million in software purchases across 1,300+ suppliers, a dedicated Vendr Buyer acts as the middleman between the stakeholder requesting the software and the seller, negotiating for the best possible price and streamlining a notoriously long approval process.

As soon as work on the deal begins on the Vendr side, your Finance and Procurement teams can see real-time deal status updates and details in both tools with automatic syncing. Once a deal is complete in Vendr, Zip will immediately mark the task as done and alert the next reviewer via Slack, Microsoft Teams, or email.

“SaaS spend is rapidly increasing across the board, and Zip’s integration with Vendr ensures that all of our mutual customers programmatically loop in Vendr for all software purchases, both net-new and renewals, to land the best possible price. And, the integration works seamlessly with the rest of the approval chain across procurement, legal, IT, security, and other teams.” - Rujul Zaparde, CEO, Zip

A software purchase that historically (and inefficiently) takes about 90 days to close – not to mention at a price higher than it needs to be solely based on the salesperson you’re working with – can now wrap up in less than half of the time and at a reasonable and fair cost.

Finance and procurement professionals never have to second guess their forecasting and stakeholders can finally avoid bottlenecks that stall them from getting the tools they need when they need them.

“Zip is a great way to streamline your purchasing process and together with Vendr, you can buy SaaS at the right price and right time. We believe that companies should be able to buy SaaS as easily as using Apple Pay or other one-click options, with the confidence that they’re getting the best price. Fast purchases and consumer empowerment benefit both the company and the supplier. Our integration with Zip will help us make that happen.” - Darius Contractor, Chief Product and Engineering Officer

No more settling for a less-than-ideal SaaS buying experience

It’s easy to give in to a long, headache-ridden SaaS buying experience when it’s all we’ve ever known. But, things have changed and we’re surfacing more about the inefficiencies of buying software. So, why settle any longer?

With this Zip and Vendr partnership, requesting, negotiating, and buying new software is simpler than ever before – and we’re helping companies around the world leverage the complete SaaS buying lifecycle.

See how Canva’s Head of Global Spend & Business Systems uses Zip and Vendr to power their hypergrowth

About Zip

Zip is the world's leading intake-to-procure solution: Zip provides one place for any employee to initiate a purchase or vendor request. Each request is correctly routed for approval across procurement, finance, IT, data security, legal, and other teams, and Zip integrates into all major ERP and P2P solutions to create a PR/PO. Zip is located in San Francisco, California with over 40 employees and was founded in 2020.

About Vendr

Vendr is forever changing how companies buy and renew SaaS. With over $600+ million in SaaS purchases across 1,300+ suppliers, the Vendr SaaS buying platform enables the world’s fastest-growing companies to purchase SaaS, without friction and at a fair price. Headquartered in Boston with a second location in Charleston and over 160 employees, Vendr is a privately held company founded in 2019 by Ryan Neu. 

Vendr Team
Vendr's team of SaaS and negotiation experts provide their curated insights into the latest trends in software, tool capabilities, and modern procurement strategies.

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