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Clearbit Pricing

Clearbit provides robust Sales Intelligence Software with pricing largely determined by the volume of data enrichment, number of API requests, and any additional features. Clearbit's specific tiers include free access, a Business Tier listed at approximately $20,000 a year, as well as a "Powered by Clearbit" tier for which prospective customers must request a demo for more information.

Contract prices for Clearbit are influenced by company headcount, ranging from $17,100 to $42,500 for companies with a headcount of 200, and upwards of $45,000 to $80,700 for those with over 1,000 employees. This does not factor in the potential for negotiated discounts that buyers may secure through mechanisms such as multi-year renewals and end-of-quarter signature renewals. As such, the precise pricing details will be unique to each organization.

Clearbit Negotiation Insights

At Vendr, our extensive experience with SaaS negotiations allows us to provide valuable insights into contract negotiations with suppliers like Clearbit. Our platform maintains a carefully curated database of discount levers and commercial items that you can use towards your benefit when negotiating your Clearbit contracts.

Discount Lever

One common discount lever with Clearbit is volume of data. Clearbit often offers discounts depending on the volume of data needed which can be extensively useful for organizations with larger data requirements. However, it is important to have a clear understanding of your organization’s data needs before entering into negotiation.

Commercial Item

A key commercial term to be aware of when negotiating with Clearbit is the data retention period clause. It governs the amount of time Clearbit is required to retain your data. This clause can be negotiated to suit your organization’s specific requirements and compliance needs.
To gain better insights into the negotiation process and have access to more discount levers and commercial items when negotiating your Clearbit contracts, sign up for a free forever Vendr account. Our platform allows in-depth access to negotiation strategies for Clearbit and a multitude of other SaaS services.

Community Insights for Clearbit

Here are some recent insights shared by our community on procuring Clearbit:

  1. "Clearbit added a 7% uplift for the renewal. We were able to get this waived for a flat renewal, as well as bi-annual payment terms with auto-renewal removed." - Community Insight was posted recently.
  2. "Supplier was pretty strict on 7% increase language for the same scope and 1-year term, might be possible to mitigate on a longer-term contract but that was not an option on this particular renewal." - Community Insight was posted recently.

Learn more about how to navigate your Clearbit procurement process by signing up for a free forever Vendr account. When you join, you'll unlock additional insights such as the estimated time to implement Clearbit, what to expect for your renewal, and other discount levers that can be implemented if you're stuck during the negotiation process. Currently, there are over 20 community insights available for Clearbit.

Clearbit Competitors

Clearbit Overview

Clearbit offers robust Sales Intelligence Software providing businesses with valuable customer and lead information. Their service suite includes data enrichment, API requests, and a smorgasbord of additional features. Clearbit's solutions are catered to a variety of business needs like acquisition, website reveal, database enrichment, form shortening, and advertising.

Ease of implementation and offboarding contribute to Clearbit's traction in the market. By investing in Clearbit, businesses are able to operate more efficiently and gain a greater insight into their customer base.

The company is also known as APIHub Inc in legal terms and stands as a significant player in the marketing intelligence sphere.

Compliance and Security

When it comes to compliance and security, Clearbit takes it seriously. The company is GDPR compliant, ensuring adequate data protection standards for their clients based in or dealing with the European region.

More information on Clearbit's compliance with SOC2 and its specifics on Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) & Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities, as well as adherence to Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Data Protection Agreement (DPA) regulations, will be provided upon further investigation.

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