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Dropbox Pricing

As a highly essential tool for businesses seeking cloud storage and file sharing services, Dropbox offers a range of pricing options that cater to varying business needs. The cost of Dropbox depends on the specific plan chosen. The Basic plan is available for free, offering 2GB of storage space, while the Plus plan costs $120 per year, providing 2TB of storage. The Professional plan offers 3TB of storage along with smart sync and document watermarking features for $199 per year.

For organizations looking for advanced collaboration and management tools, there's the Dropbox Business Standard plan priced at $150 per user per year, offering 5TB of storage per user. The more comprehensive Dropbox Business Advanced plan costs $240 per user per year, providing as much space as needed. It's also important to note that these prices may vary slightly based on the region and any ongoing promotions or discounts. Thus, it's advisable to confirm the pricing directly from the Dropbox website or sales representative.

Dropbox Negotiation Insights

Inside the Vendr platform, you can get detailed negotiation insights, including the most effective discount levers and commercial items to consider when evaluating your Dropbox contract.

Discount Levers

One of the primary discount levers with Dropbox revolves around committing to longer contract terms. By opting for a multi-year contract, you are often able to secure a more favorable pricing structure.

Commercial Items

When negotiating with Dropbox, a key commercial item to consider is the quantity of users. If you can accurately predict a growing need for storage in the future, you could negotiate for more users upfront, which could result in lower cost per user rates.

The above is only a fraction of the negotiation insights available for Dropbox in the Vendr platform. To unlock all the valuable insights designed to help you get the best possible deal on your Dropbox contracts, sign up for a free forever Vendr account today. We have a plethora of negotiation insights available for Dropbox and many other SaaS products.

Community Insights for Dropbox

Here are some recent insights from our community on procuring Dropbox:

  1. "Self-service subscription so straightforward pricing. We were able to escalate our renewal proposal to the leadership team at Dropbox after our point of contact would not adjust per unit pricing to meet our budget constraints. This resulted in an additional 6% reduction in price after we reduced our usage by 25%+." - Community Insight was posted recently.
  2. "We were able to secure a 5% discount on a descope renewal in exchange for multi-year terms." - Community Insight was posted 3 months ago.

Learn more about how to navigate your Dropbox procurement process by signing up for a free forever Vendr account. When you join, you'll unlock a treasure trove of insights, including the estimated time to implement Dropbox, what to expect for your renewal, and other discount levers that can be implemented if you're stuck during the negotiation process. Currently, there are 7 community insights available for Dropbox.

Dropbox Competitors


Box is another leading cloud storage platform designed for businesses of all sizes. It offers features similar to Dropbox, such as file sharing, collaboration, and data synchronization across all devices. Box is well-known for its robust security measures, including encryption and advanced data protection.

Check out our guide on Box pricing for more info.


Google provides a suite of services linked to its Drive cloud storage solution. Beyond storage and sharing, Google Drive connects seamlessly with other Google Workspace applications like Google Docs and Google Sheets, providing a complete, collaborative software solution. The integration within the Google ecosystem makes this a strong competitor to Dropbox.

Check out our guide on Google pricing for more info.


Microsoft offers OneDrive, part of their Microsoft 365 suite. OneDrive is not only a cloud storage solution but also provides direct integration with Microsoft Office applications like Word and PowerPoint. This seamless collaboration and the familiarity of Microsoft products might make OneDrive appealing to those already using Microsoft 365. It also supports file sharing and synchronization across multiple devices, much like Dropbox.

Check out our guide on Microsoft pricing for more info.

Dropbox Overview

Dropbox is a platform designed to simplify file storage, sharing, and collaboration for businesses of all sizes. Its offerings span from a free tier for single users to customizable enterprise solutions that cater to larger organizations. Whether documents or media files, Dropbox allows users to store and share them securely across various devices.

Compliance and Security

Dropbox is committed to maintaining the highest possible security standards. Its platform is designed to meet a multitude of international and industry-specific compliance standards. Dropbox complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ensuring that the collection and processing of personal data of its users are strictly regulated.

The platform also holds SOC2 (System and Organization Control) certification, which assures that Dropbox manages customer data securely over time. In addition to GDPR and SOC2 compliance, Dropbox also adheres to PII (Personally Identifiable Information) and DPA (Data Protection Act) regulations. These protect users against identity theft and guarantee their privacy rights and data security.

As for authentication capabilities, Dropbox features MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) and SSO (Single Sign-On). MFA provides an additional layer of security by requiring users to successfully present two or more pieces of evidence (or factors) to authenticate themselves. Not only does this bolster security, but it also helps guard against phishing and other sophisticated attacks. On the other hand, SSO makes it simpler to manage users and access controls by allowing users to access multiple applications or services using a single set of credentials.

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