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Figma Pricing: How Much Does Figma Cost?

Figma offers diverse pricing options designed to accommodate organizations of varying sizes and needs. Contract pricing can vary substantially depending on your organization's headcount.

  • For a headcount of 200, the range is from $10,300 to $19,200.
  • For larger organizations, such as those with a headcount of 1,000 or over, the pricing ranges from $14,600 to $70,700.

Figma's pricing model is also split into different tiers, each offering a unique set of features and benefits.

  • The Starter plan is free for users.
  • The Professional plan extends additional functionalities with a price range of $146.

Therefore, whether your organization is small, large, scaling, or requiring enterprise level features, Figma has a pricing plan tailored to meet those specific needs. It is recommended to review usage reports, understand the value delivered at different tiers, and reassess contracted pricing at renewal stages. Alternatives to consider could include Microsoft, Adobe, Framer, InVision, Miro, and Sketch.

Figma Negotiation Insights

At Vendr, we understand the importance of critical insights in shaping the outcome of your negotiations. Our clients have access to in-depth information that can help them obtain the best deals possible. Here’s a sneak peek into our negotiation insights for Figma:

Discount Levers

One of the primary discount levers is Figma’s competition. Figma operates in a competitive market, with notable competitors including Adobe, Framer, InVision, Microsoft, Miro, and Sketch. Knowledge and tactical use of this competitive landscape can be used to leverage a discount from Figma.

Commercial Items

A vital commercial item to consider is Figma's pricing structure. Figma's pricing can be influenced by factors like your organizational size, the number of users and the term of agreement. Insight into these commercial aspects can help you better negotiate your contract with Figma.

Remember, these are just a couple of the numerous negotiation insights we have for Figma on the Vendr platform. To gain access to all of Figma's discount levers and commercial strings, sign up for a free forever Vendr account today.

Community Insights for Figma

Gathering insights from the community can be incredibly valuable when considering a SaaS product like Figma. Here's what some of our community members have recently shared:

  1. "Figma does not typically negotiate their pricing or discount. We were able to secure a flat per licenses cost leveraging growth during the contract." - Community Insight was posted recently.
  2. "Figma does not provide flexibility on discounting and usually the rate provided is the one rate. I would ensure your scope is as accurate as possible when purchasing or renewing." - Community Insight was posted recently.

To delve deeper into the wealth of knowledge our community has to offer, we encourage you to sign up for a free forever Vendr account. By joining, you'll unlock additional insights such as the estimated time to implement Figma, what to expect for your renewal, and other discount levers that can be implemented if you're stuck during the negotiation process. Don't miss out on the full spectrum of community insights available for Figma.

Figma Competitors

Figma Overview

Figma is a design software that offers real-time collaboration, making it easy for entire teams to work concurrently on projects. As a cloud-based application, it allows for seamless design updates and sharing among team members, even when working remotely. Figma's collaborative design approach is particularly valuable for UI and UX design, digital applications, corporate branding, and new product development.

Figma stands out in the market for its real-time collaboration capabilities, something that many design programs lack. Its user-friendly interface and wide selection of tools provide everything needed to create unique and professional designs.

If you’re involved in design or product development, odds are high you’ve heard about Figma. Big players such as Microsoft are even using Figma for their product design, which testifies to the trust and reliability Figma has earned among professionals.

Compliance and Security

Figma takes data security and privacy seriously. That's why they have implemented compliance with GDPR and SOC2 to ensure data protection. On top of that, it carries ISO27001 certification, providing another level of security assurance.

Additionally, Figma provides Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities which aim to guarantee only authorized users can access your design data. The adherence to PII (Personally Identifiable Information) and DPA (Data Protection Act) regulations affirms Figma’s strong commitment to protecting personal data.

Figma Pricing FAQs

Is Figma free?

Figma offers a free plan, called the Standard plan, which offers basic functionality like unlimited drafts, cloud storage, and some collaboration features. 

What are the specific benefits of the Figma professional plan over the free plan?

The Figma professional plan offers additional features such as unlimited version history, which allows teams to track changes and revert to previous designs effortlessly. This plan also includes advanced permissions and private projects, providing greater control over who can view or edit projects. For teams needing more robust file management and collaboration tools, the professional plan is ideal.

How does Figma support educational institutions and educators?

Figma offers special pricing and resources for educational institutions and educators through its educational plan. This includes access to premium features like team libraries and Figma design files, enabling educators to teach modern design principles effectively. Additionally, Figma supports educational users with access to templates and tutorials that enhance learning and collaboration among students.

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