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Juro Pricing

Juro's pricing structure varies based on the headcount of the organization. For a company with a headcount of 200, the pricing ranges from $14,800 to $30,700 annually. Moving upwards, for larger organizations with a headcount of 1,000, the pricing increases, ranging from $27,400 to $56,800 yearly. Organizations with more than 1,001 employees can expect to pay from $37,400 to $92,300 per year.

Juro offers an innovative scheme for managing contracts with artificial intelligence, finding a balance between cost and functionality. The product is classified under the Sales category and is well placed in the Contract Management space. Please note, this is the market pricing structure and may vary based on the specific needs and requirements of your organization.

Juro πŸ“„βœ¨ Negotiation Insights

At Vendr, we offer exclusive negotiation insights to navigate through your Juro contracts. From determining the best discount levers to identifying effective commercial strategies, you can unlock the power of smart, strategy-backed negotiations with our platform.

Juro πŸ“„βœ¨ Discount Lever

Through our extensive experience in negotiating contracts, one key discount lever we've identified specifically for Juro is committing to a multi-year contract upfront. Juro often offers considerable discounts for longer commitments. Please keep in mind this is a common practice across the SaaS industry and the potential discounts can vary.

Juro πŸ“„βœ¨ Commercial Item

One commercially interesting aspect to look at is Juro's pricing model. Juro uses a per user pricing model, which means by maintaining control over the number of user licenses, you can manage costs more effectively.

Remember, these are only the beginning. There is more to explore and more strategies to build as you embark on your procurement journey with Juro. To get more discount levers and commercial items to leverage when negotiating your Juro contracts, sign up for a free forever Vendr account. Take advantage of the wealth of knowledge that the Vendr platform offers and empower your business to make smarter and more cost-effective decisions.

The information provided here is accurate as of the time of writing and is subject to change.

Community Insights for Juro πŸ“„βœ¨

Gathering insights from our community can be incredibly valuable when considering a SaaS product like Juro. Here are the two most recent insights shared by our users:

  1. "Offered 3000 contracts for the price of 2000. Was considering descope but supplier was going to raise pricing, so kept as is for 1-yr renewal." - Community Insight was posted recently.
  2. "While a 1/3 descope of contracts was planned, we secured a flat renewal for maintaining the same scope as last year." - Community Insight was posted 1 month ago.

If you're looking for more detailed insights, such as the estimated time to implement Juro, what to expect for your renewal, and other discount levers that can be implemented if you're stuck during the negotiation process, we encourage you to sign up for a free forever Vendr account. By joining Vendr, you'll gain access to a wealth of knowledge, including a total of 2 community insights available for Juro, to help you make the most informed decisions for your software procurement needs.

Juro πŸ“„βœ¨ Competitors


Concord is a robust contract lifecycle management (CLM) solution offering contract generation, online negotiation, deadline alerts, and approvals. Concord's platform might be preferred by companies requiring extensive contract management capabilities without requiring integration with existing document storage systems.


Contractbook offers a streamlined, easy-to-use interface for end-to-end contract management, focused on effective collaboration and efficiency. It could be a solid choice for small to medium-sized businesses looking for a simple yet efficient contract management solution.


DealHub is an all-in-one sales platform that excels in providing customizable workflows, document generation, and contract management functionalities. DealHub might be a wise choice for sales teams eager to shorten sales cycles and close deals swiftly.


DocuSign is a globally recognized solution for eSignatures and contract management. It delivers capabilities such as agreement preparation, signing, acting, and managing contracts. Businesses that prioritize established reputation and worldwide acceptance may tend to favor [DocuSign](

Check out our guide on DocuSign pricing for more info.


Ironclad provides a digital contracting platform designed for legal teams and suited for complex enterprise requirements. Corporations with large-scale contract creation and management necessities may take advantage of Ironclad's sophisticated features.

Check out our guide on Ironclad pricing for more info.


LinkSquares is known for its AI-powered contract analytics together with its contract lifecycle management functionalities. Companies seeking insights-driven contract management might be drawn to LinkSquares.

Check out our guide on LinkSquares pricing for more info.


PandaDoc offers a document management platform with a comprehensive feature set, including eSignatures, proposals, quotes, and contracts. PandaDoc's versatility might be appealing to firms that deal with a broad range of document types apart from contracts.

Check out our guide on PandaDoc pricing for more info.

Juro πŸ“„βœ¨ Overview

Juro is a comprehensive contract management platform designed to empower businesses to streamline their contract management processes. The platform is developed with robust features, enabling users to create, negotiate, sign, and store all contracts in one unified place, thereby ensuring a smoother workflow and increased efficiency. Juro is powered by rich artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, allowing for automated contract review, risk analysis, and data extraction. It also features a highly intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it a favorable choice for both technical and non-technical users.

Compliance and Security

Juro prioritizes the security of its users and their data. The platform complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ensuring that all processes involving user data abide by the stringent requirements imposed by the regulation.

Furthermore, Juro is also compliant with Service Organization Control 2 (SOC2) – a standard developed to ensure cloud vendors implement robust controls to secure and protect customer data.

The platform incorporates Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities to enhance secure access to its services. These security measures create additional layers of protection against unauthorized access and potential breaches.

Moreover, Juro is committed to adhering to Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Data Protection Act (DPA) regulations, which further emphasizes its commitment to data security and privacy.

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