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Vitally Pricing

Vitally, a customer success platform, operates under a tiered pricing model. The exact price of Vitally's services is not publicly available and prospective customers are encouraged to request a demo for a detailed quote. Nevertheless, it's known that the pricing varies based on the organization's headcount and the tier at which they wish to subscribe.

Vitally offers several tiers, each containing different feature sets. These tiers include Hybrid-Touch, High-Touch, and Tech-Touch, with each offering different functionalities tailored to specific business needs. While estimates are not available, customers have reported that the pricing is competitive with market standards. For more precise figures, request a demo from the supplier.

Vitally Competitors is a customer success platform that helps businesses reduce churn and drive customer success at scale. It allows businesses to create a unified view of users and track customer health scores.


ChurnZero is a real-time Customer Success platform that helps subscription businesses fight customer churn. It integrates tightly with an organization's tech stack, providing customer insights and task management for customer success teams.


Gainsight is a customer success management platform that helps businesses retain customers and analyze their behavior. It provides valuable insights into customer usage, health scores, and renewal risks.


Totango offers a customer success platform that provides solutions for customer management, user engagement, and customer retention. It is built to enable businesses to understand customer data, automate actions, and monitor success metrics.

Vitally Negotiation Insights

Inside the Vendr platform, we equip you with detailed negotiation information about SaaS products like Vitally. One of the key factors to consider during your negotiations is the high competition in the user success industry. Vitally is up against capable and established competitors like, ChurnZero, Gainsight, and Totango.

Discount Lever

Depending on the number of users and the length of your contract, it's possible to negotiate a better price. For instance, a longer commitment often leads to favorable pricing.

Commercial Considerations

Always remember to address the contract's renewal terms. You want to minimize potential surprises, so identifying and setting clear renewal terms early is crucial. Note whether Vitally offers auto-renewal and whether you're comfortable with that. It's often something that can be discussed and negotiated.

For a comprehensive range of negotiation strategies and insights on Vitally, sign up for a free forever Vendr account. Discern more discount levers and commercial strings to pull when negotiating your Vitally contracts among many other useful features. Offering much more in one place, Vendr is the informed choice for managing your SaaS products effectively.

Community Insights for Vitally

Here are some of the most recent community insights about Vitally:

  1. "18% discount secured by signing by end of the month."
  2. "Previous discount carried over for new quarter, leveraged perceived value, risk aversion, budget limitations, and expedited signature for a 22% discount."

Learn more about Vitally, its features, pricing, and how to leverage its offerings for your business by signing up for a free forever Vendr account. With over a hundred community insights available for Vitally, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the product.

Also, when you sign up for the free forever account, you can gain additional insights such as the estimated time to implement Vitally, what to expect for your renewal, and various discount levers you can implement if you find yourself stuck during the negotiation process.

Vitally Overview

Vitally is a leading Customer Success platform designed specifically for high-growth companies. With an arsenal of features ranging from analytics to automation and engagement tools, Vitally provides businesses with an array of capabilities to elevate personalized customer success on a large scale.

Most of Vitally's clientele comprises of companies with an average size of 250 members. Their ability to adapt and cater to their customer's needs effectively places them as leaders in the Customer Success category. They have a retention rate of 65.38, further cementing their reputation as a reliable customer success solution favorite among businesses.

The average duration to close a deal with Vitally is usually around 38 days. However, it is important to note that elements such as specific requirements and negotiations could impact this timeline.

Vitally is also accessible via Vendr+, a secure and user-friendly platform tailored to streamline your SaaS management processes while ensuring optimum productivity and cost-efficiency.

Compliance and Security

Vitally is well-recognized for its emphasize on compliance and data security, abiding by rigorous data protection policies and regulations to safeguard the interest of their customers. The platform is certified with GDPR, SOC2, MFA, PII, and DPA standards.

Vitally also supports both Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities. These features enable users to ensure an added layer of security to their accounts, thus further preventing unauthorized access and enhancing the overall security of the platform.

Please consult the Vitally Pricing Document for additional information on its pricing and contract range based on headcount.

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