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How it works

We analyze your SaaS stack

(before you even become a customer)

You share your current year or past year’s SaaS purchases and we show you how much you could be saving. To set both your company and our team up for success, we’ll need:

  • Supplier names
  • Annual amounts
  • Renewal dates
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You tell us about your SaaS budget hopes and dreams

Help us understand what overall budget goals you have, what upcoming renewals keep you up at night, and what new tools departments have their eyes on. Common goals include:

  • Overall decrease in annual SaaS budget
  • Room for new purchases with existing spend
  • A more compliant buying process
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Watch the savings add up and get more from your stack

With your must-haves understood, we use our experience with thousands of SaaS transactions to find the fastest way to a fair price. Wins typically look like:

  • Reduction in unit rates
  • Increased users or plan tier
  • Improved payment terms
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Have confidence in approvals without lifting a finger

Every purchase routes through approvals seamlessly — including finance, security, and legal. Our buyers quarterback the process so you can focus on the important stuff.
What this means:

  • Finance budget signoff
  • Security clearance signoff
  • Legal signoff
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Check out the hype for yourself

Our customers call it “magic,” “a no-brainer,” and a “must-have” Here’s what else they have to say:

“Vendr has saved us, just in the past year, almost a million and a half dollars.”
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Kerry Munz

Director of Engineering @ Hubspot

"In my opinion, Vendr is the way that every high-growth company should be negotiating SaaS contracts."
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David Vital

Sr. Director of Finance @ Drift

"It's very difficult to get to the right choice and the right cost...working with Vendr has provided significant savings"
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Erik Zhou

CAO at Brex

"Vendr allows anyone to acquire software much faster and with greater efficiency. It's just a win-win."
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Peter Day

Head of Privacy & Security @ Mixpanel

Proactive SaaS vendor management built for the modern company