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Contract Analysis

Manage your contracts and extract important data.

One-stop shop

Manage all your agreements in one centralized platform.

Upload and store all of your software contracts and other agreements in a single platform.

Get a complete overview of all of your agreements, including their status, renewal dates, and key terms.

Rely on one tool as your single source of truth.

Automate contract data extraction

Save time and eliminate errors by automating manual data entry.

Automatically extract key data from your contracts, including pricing, commercial terms, and renewal dates.

Save time and eliminate errors by automating manual data entry.

Get insights into your contract portfolio, such as total spending and upcoming renewals.

“Vendr’s powerful functionality of SaaS spend tracking allows you to be on top of everything your employees purchase and track transactions, contracts, and usage of the cloud products.”
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Daniel Sischy
IT Manager

Get expert negotiation advice

Receive personalized support on contract negotiations from our team of SaaS experts.

Chat in real-time with Negotiation Advisory.

Learn how to negotiate better contracts to save money and reduce risk.

Use our playbooks and resources to manage your agreements more effectively.

Never miss a renewal

Get timely notifications and reminders about upcoming renewals.

Screenshot showing an example of upcoming SaaS renewals

Receive instant updates on renewal status.

Easily access buyer guides and other resources to help you make informed decisions.

Streamline your renewal process and avoid disruptions to your business.

“Vendr has helped us to save money and time, and made our software purchase process as smooth and stress-free as possible.”
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Federico Diez
Sr. Manager, Procure to Pay and Treasury
Maximize savings: Track, manage, and optimize subscriptions with Vendr's new feature.

Optimize your software spend by gaining full visibility into your subscriptions and contracts with Vendr's new Subscriptions feature, allowing you to track, manage, and identify cost-saving opportunities.

Vendr | Spend visibility across your software stack

Get unparalleled insight into your software expenses with Vendr and learn how to understand your SaaS spending better.

Slash your costs. Reclaim your time.

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