Manage SAAS

Organize all your suppliers in one system of record

Get a single source of truth that protects you from lapsed renewals, duplicative purchases, and shadow spend alongside a team of proactive buying experts who reinforce your ideal process.

Analyze my SaaS stack
Organize all your suppliers in one system of record

Centralize SaaS management to help everyone work more efficiently.

Vendr | Manage

Consolidate software records

Upload contracts and integrate data into a secure source of truth that provides access to historicals and empowers you to proactively track upcoming renewals.

Vendr | Find SaaS

Upgrade overall spend visibility

Get a high-level view of SaaS spend across the org and deep dive into any supplier to understand specific usage.

Vendr | Centralization

Cut unnecessary spend

Spot overlapping tools and underutilized software to quickly identify opportunities for stack consolidation and spend optimization.

Become the all-knowing
wizard of SaaS

Check in on your SaaS stack anytime, from anywhere, and know exactly what renewals are coming up, what new purchases just hit the budget, and what deals need additional follow up or approvals.

Simplify your software search

Get a bird’s eye view of your stack

Rely on one centralized platform that houses all of your SaaS purchases and renewals  — even the shadow spend. Take advantage of immediate access to view the entire company tech stack at any given time.

Cut SaaS costs without sacrificing productivity

Watch your savings add up in real-time

Log in and see savings information across your entire tech stack and for individual purchases and renewals, so you’re always ready to report back on ROI for the best cost-savings around.

Create the ideal experience for SaaS requests

Know exactly where every deal stands

Let us handle the entire SaaS buying process while also getting updates every step of the way. Never feel out of the loop – always know where a new purchase or renewal stands.


Integrate your favorite ERPs

Connect the tools you’re already using to find the spend and apps your team is purchasing. We’ll uncover where you’re overspending, what SaaS is duplicative, and how we can help you save. All in one centralized platform.

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Vendr | Find SaaS


Understand the full SaaS
buying process

Deciding on a tool is only the first step. Outsource the entire purchasing process and further care and maintenance to our team so we get you the SaaS product ASAP while we’ll keep an eye on renewals and any other major changes.

Vendr | Find SaaS


Discover what SaaS is best for you and your team based on insights from thousands of software transactions.

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Vendr | Manage


Lean on our SaaS buying experts and benchmarking data to build an ideal purchasing process with the best pricing data around.

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Vendr | Buy + Manage SaaS


Systematize your SaaS stack by getting a bird’s eye view of every purchase, renewal, and deal update, so nothing falls through the cracks.

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Vendr | Sales


Understand exactly what your buyer is looking for so you can so you can better forecast and close more deals, faster.

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