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Renewal Management

Stay ahead of every renewal to maximize savings.

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Comprehensive renewal dashboard

Have full visibility into all upcoming software renewals and never miss a beat.

Rely on automated calendars and integrated reminders to notify you of every renewal.

Track renewal status and requests all in one place.

Enable renewal summary notifications for contract owners.

Plan ahead

Gain ample lead time to plan for renewals to guarantee a fair negotiation.

Receive early alerts and automatically involve the right stakeholders.

Streamline the renewal preparation process.

Automatically initiate renewal workflows.

“Workflows keeps deals moving from intake form to final contract and allows me to keep track of the statuses depending on type.”
Yurii Panasenko
Yurii Panasenko
Procurement Manager

Make informed decisions

Better understand where you can save money on SaaS.

Gather sentiment data and product reviews from stakeholders.

Access exclusive insights into renewal negotiation tactics with your suppliers.

Receive expert advice from procurement experts.

“Out of the gate, there is a clearer understanding of which tasks are assigned to whom and what the software requirements are. There are fewer surprises for any team.”
Seth Steward photo
Seth Steward
Sr Director IT

Collaborate in real-time

Minimize time spent in approval cycles and get answers, fast.

Direct access to Workflows in the Vendr Slack integration

Convey urgency for impending deadlines to contract owners.

Enable renewal summary notifications.

Get notifications via Slack or email.

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