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2022 SaaS buying trends report

In our second annual trend report, we share what we’ve learned from saving our customers over $240M in SaaS spend — and what we anticipate 2023 will bring.

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Inside our buyers' minds

Increased attention to SaaS due diligence

"As software options have increased, so has the complexity associated with buying. Stakeholders are learning the importance of having Finance, Procurement, IT, Legal, Security, etc. on their side, and are tapping them in earlier in the process." – Michael Murray, Enterprise Account Executive

Tighter budgets, flattening adoption

"Businesses are beginning “realignment of what’s important to them versus initiating a ‘budget freeze. Marketing and operations are seeing the most cuts — video tools, sales enablement, etc." – John Merklinger, Manager, Executive Buying

Upward price trends in response to inflation

"Customers who are looking to lock in better contracts in times of uncertainty are signing two-year deals with their vendors or trying to commit to slight growth to show a give/get with discounts." – Aubrey Zimmerman, Senior Executive Buyer

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