Vendr | The ultimate solution for all your procurement needsVendr | The ultimate solution for all your procurement needs

Build more procurement efficiency

Our step-by-step approach helps companies at any stage take charge of the software buying process, gain efficiency, and increase clarity. Follow simple steps to document your current process and goals, develop a stakeholder-friendly workflow, and integrate tools to support you as you scale.

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Three phases to build a scalable procurement process

Map out the procurement process as it is today

How does your company buy and pay for the software it needs? Do stakeholders know the review process and necessary approvals before sealing the deal? How does your company communicate information about these purchases? Identify gaps in your workflow and create a strategy to improve.

Document your new process and educate stakeholders

It’s time to put your new procurement process in motion. Create intake documents to guide stakeholders, outline and educate them on updated policies, review requirements, and purchase thresholds. Start every new SaaS purchase and renewal on the right foot.

Leverage technology and experts

Future-proof your procurement process and set your organization up for scalability by leveraging software. Gain full visibility into the stack, centralize your contracts, and beat the “surprise renewal” game once and for all. Enhance your procurement outcomes with advice and support from SaaS experts.

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