The simple & standard SaaS contract

Created to streamline the SaaS legal negotiation so you don't have to spend time and money on legal redlines.

neutral paper standardized master service agreement

The universal SaaS contract built for the Company and the Customer.

Neutral Paper was drafted for ease of use by both Company and Customer, for fairness and reasonableness, and to be industry-standard for the use of buying or selling SaaS.
This allows entities to focus on the commercial discussions regarding the Service, rather than engaging significant legal resources to review, edit, and negotiate the SaaS contract.
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How it Works:

Providers of SaaS: Sell faster

As the provider (seller) of a SaaS product, you may add unique terms to the agreement, or modify the existing terms, in Exhibit A. These company-specific terms take precedence over the contract and allow for any divergence from the standard contract to be displayed, reviewed, and negotiated within a single section of this document. If you have an SLA or a DPA that you want to append, you can do so within exhibit A.

Buyers of SaaS: Skip the legal fees

As the recipient/buyer of a SaaS product, you may want to make minor modifications to the contract to account for its specific concerns or contract needs. Individual provisions of the contract may be modified in Exhibit A.

Exhibit A: Dedicated space for your amendments

Changes to the contract are reserved for Exhibit A. This keeps the majority of the agreement redline-free. Neutral Paper is built for fairness, reasonableness, and speed.

Both buyers and sellers agree — no redlines means faster deals

The legal desk is a neverending pile of contracts to redline. And, legal teams prioritize revenue-generating reviews ahead of purchase reviews. This leads to long sales cycles, missed quotas, and plenty of headaches.


With a standard agreement built for both sides, companies can skip redlining, sell faster, and maintain legal protection with customizations in Exhibit A. 

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Neutral Paper is Free-to-Use:


Get instant access to the Neutral Paper MSA and begin using when you sell SaaS and buy SaaS. Save the legal fees.


Neutral Paper is free to use and released for free under CC BY 4.0.

Your VP of Sales will thank you.

Neutral Paper is an accelerant to sales teams. By adopting Neutral Paper, your sales team can sell faster without getting deals stuck in legal review.

Want to help make Neutral Paper stronger? 


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